Ball of Bowling
donated by Klappenooot the Kender

a black stone with three finger size holes in it.

History: suffice to say, no one knows. Given its magical velocity (see below) no location can be fixed. It was made at the dawn of time by an evil wizard (or so Klappenoot says)

How it Works: It can be hurled, knocking down anyone near. It has magical velocity and therefore won't stop unless the owner (Klappenoot) chases it down. It has been known to circle the globe. It only does this when Klappenoot isn't thinking about it.

Bored kender's blessed rock
donated by Unknown kendar mage of chorane

Shiny... It's a small obsidian rock, roughly the size of a kender's fist. It is smooth, with only a small crack running down the center.

History: This blessed rock was made when a kender cleric of Mishakal had found the rock near a dragons lair. Finding it shiny... they had asked Mishakal to bless it.

How it Works: It, er... glows a pale blue? Otherwise it does absolutely nothing!

Color changing peble of one color.
donated by Litehand Fleetfoot

Its a small stone that can esaly be fit into the palm of your hand. Its black, compleatly, and in the dark you can't even see it. It's realy smooth too, and looks kind of glossey.

History: I found this wonderfull stone on an adventure to the High Clerist's Tower. I was quite a fun day, you see there were thease knights who wouldn't let me in... oh, they wouldn't let you in either? Well then, you must know about that loose grate near the side then? Well anyways, I made my way into the tower and started looking around the lower levels (I wanted to go to the top but the knights chased me away). There wasn't very many rooms down there, but there was this one room that looked like it was still in use. It was full of many wonderfull things, but most of them shocked me when I touched them, or they were too cold to pick up. After a while I found some items that wern't protected by spells, they were in a small iorn basket in the cornor of the room along with some crumpled paper and scraps of food. I don't know why thease items were there, but I took this stone and tryed for the upper levels again. I was promptly leaded out of the tower, but they let me keep the stone if I promised never to come back. And thats how I found it.

How it Works: Well you first have to hold it in you hand. Then, if you close your hand over it tightly, you'll change color. You can only change the same black as the stone, but you compleatly change including your clothing and pouches and items and well everything you have. So you realy look like a moving black thing, and I mean realy black, if its night you can't even be seen.Also, you look al glossey like the stone does, so light reflects off you, witch is realy weird becaus I didn't think black could reflect light.

Crystal Orb of Seeing
donated by Samantha

The crystal orb has a blank, white expression in the center. The blank expressionn is in the center of the cyrstal.

History: It was made when a mage mother was seperated from her children who had to go into a war. She wasn't sure if her kids where going to be ok, so she created it out of a piece of crystal she had given to each of her sons. She then created a link out into each so if she just spoke there name a picture came into her head. this proved excptional when she lost her sight and she could still see things if she just said the name and had a pice of that enchanted crystal with thte link onto the object.

How it Works: When you look into the orb you see the one person you wish to see and anything he or she is doing.

Cursed Stone of Immobilization
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

It looks like a smooth, round stone; grayish, and very hard, condensed you could say.

History: It was made because kender are very curious and sometimes like to peruse the contents of a pouch of a mighty wizard.......

How it Works: When someone with kender blood touches the stone, their STR and DEX are reduced to 0, effectively immobilizing the kender who was misfortunate enough to go through the pouch where the stone was held. The stone has many versatile uses, of course. Will Save at -2.

Dice of Lice
donated by Dracon Lockpicker

This die looks like a perfectly normal, ivory dice, with little black notches for the dots.

History: This die was left in one of the towers before the cataclysm. It was left there for a long while, and gathered dust. Eventually, the die spawned it's own breed of lice, that inhabit the dots.

How it Works: The die always rolls in favor of the person who rolled it. If it is needed to roll high, it will, and vice versa. Eventually, if the lice are left long enough, they will roll what ever they feel, usually resulting in sixes, since more can live in more notches.

Die of return
donated by Slate

it looks and feels and weighs the same as a normal die, although it has different numbers of spots each time you look at it.

History: It was also an accident of the gods. When Kender were accidently made, the patron god of tricksters was playing with dice and accidently dropped this rather interesting die. He didn't realize all of its properties, although he did know how to make the die show whichever numbers he wanted it to.

How it Works: The Kender drops it into someone else's pouch and waits for three days. Whatever that person has accumulated in those three days automatically comes into the Kender's pouch. Seeing as to how Kender never put anything in anyone else's pouch, nothing usually ever happens, but on that lucky occasion... Plus this only works for Kender. (And it raises luck 1 point, only on Kender)

Dilliwickle's Diamond of Unboredum
donated by Korgos Grasssprinter

A typical diamond, it turns into wood when not in use to normal eyes (borrowed from Mishakal). To a kender, whoever, it is much more (see below).

History: This magical artifact was forged in the Age of Dreams. Dilliwickle, a cook and wizard, who lived in Balifor (the kender realm, not the modern-day port), often grew bored much more easily than other kender. He somehow created this (told many different times many different ways) although the true answer was forgotten by everyone except Gilean and Ziviliyn. Anyway, it was lost in the Age of Dreams and was never found again, until recently.

How it Works: If held by anyone, he can will it to become a diamond. It will make normal merchants try to buy it but to kender, just looking at it will never keep them bored. They will stand-openmouthed in shock, sometimes they will cry, laugh, or do any other thing. However, the kender will keep staring because the only reason they stop doing something is if they get bored, and this diamond makes them never get bored.

donated by Chao Lord

A cube with dragon claws on each corner, and swirling color-y stuff inside! It's so cool!

History: I dunno. I found it in this wierd tower in Palanthas! It was just sitting on the desk, and I found it in my pouch after I got thrown out the window by a creepy Black- Robed wizard with hourglass eyes! Cool, huh?

How it Works: I guess it makes dragons be controlled by you, but when I tried it, the dragon just flew away. Maybe it's magical!

Ennervating Sphere of Malevolence
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

The Ennervating Sphere of Malevolence appears to be a sphere of blackened charcoal, still retaining it's iridescent glow. However, it is cool to the touch and no filmy ash rubs onto the hand.

History: An Black Robed Archmage during the Age of Might created the Ennervating Sphere of Malevolence as revenge against an unsuspecting Knight of the Rose for winning the heart of a beautiful maiden. Needless to say the Black Robe was successful in his revenge but the Ennervating Sphere of Malevolence is still at large today.

How it Works: The Ennervating Sphere of Malevolence drains the life of owner until it kills him. The possession of this destructive sphere never lasts for more than a week. At first the owner will not notice anything unusual while he carries the sphere but soon his face will become haggard and become short of breath. Then he will die with the name of the malefactor is whispered into his name over and over. If the one who possessed the Sphere is resurrected by divine intervention or a wish spell then he will immediately become a zombie under control of the malefactor. The name of the malefactor will be repeated over and over again as the zombie exists in its undead state.

Fizzeck, the Pet Rock
donated by Hannah Halfhaven

An ordinary river rock, about the size of your hand. Somebody has drawn eyes nose and mouth on it with ink of some sort but it won't come off.

History: The man who sold it to me said Uncle Trapspringer gave it to him. I dunno where he found it, Uncle Trapspringer I mean, not the peddler.

How it Works: It talks! Think of that, a talking rock! It likes to argue about lotsa stuff but mainly it just keeps saying that it's going to take over the world some day but I really don't understand how a rock could take over the world . . .

Gem of the Sage
donated by Bramble Moonwillow

This one is really neat. We keep it locked up under tight security somewhere in the great library of Hylo, although I can't tell you where, 'cause you might take it. It's a large gen, about three inches, shaped like an octagon, which hangs from a silver chain which isn't really attached to it by any normal way, just bonded to it.

History: How did I find it? Let's see... It was shortly after I inherited the great library of Hylo from that poor monk who died of a heart attack, which was, ummm... about three years after the second cataclysm. Peppin (my half cousin, used to be a cleric of Zivilyn) was praying for spells, which he still does, although I think it's a bitsilly since it's mystic magic, not god magic, but anyway, he was praying in his room and he yelled something, and we all came rushing in to see if he'd gone crazy or maybe there was a big demon there to eat us all and decimate Krynn (there wasn't *sigh* oh well, maybe next time). Well, Peppin was out cold, but he had this gem thing in his hand, and when I put it on, I found out what it did!

How it Works: What did it do? *rubs hands together with glee at getting to tell the best part* Well, whenever I put it on, which I'm only aloud to do once a year, according to this nice blind lady, although I think it's a really stupid restriction, but Peppin agrees with her and Peppin's another kender so if he didn't, he'd slip it on all the time to know... Oops, I still haven't told you what it does yet, have I? That's the cool part. When you put it on, you think of something, and although I can never remember what happens when it IS on, when I take it off, I know some of what Astinus knew about the subject! Only I can use it, 'cause I'm the master librarian, and we keep it locked up most of the time so no one'll find it. Actually, it's supposed to be a secret that we even have it, so don't tell anyone, okay?

Golem's Gem of Anti-gravity
donated by Ajax


What does it look like?
It looks like a blueish-green gem suspended in mid-air (or Ajax's hand, pouch, etc.)

Who made it? How did you find it?
Given to Ajax by Golem the dopplegagner after a brief but intense feud.

How it Works:
What does it do? How does it work?

It causes everthing it touches (execpt Kender Kloth) to be suspended in mid-air!

Juggling Balls of Increased Agility and Dexterity
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

These juggling balls are metallic balls of iron, painted with extravagent designs to attract the eye. For example, one ball has a battle scene where gold dragons are flaming the brains of ogres. This other ball depicts a magical duel between archmages. Now this other ball... you get the picture...

History: One legend says that a Gold Dragon almost ate the balls, thinking they were precious gems and spit it out at the bitter taste of iron. Ever since, the balls have done strange things... Another tale says an bored mage who was also a skilled juggler enchanted the balls as a fancy. Who knows?

How it Works: The Juggling Balls of Increased Agility and Dexterity, as the name implies, gives the user increased agility and dexterity. One does not need to be juggling the balls to get the desired effect. The more Juggling Balls of Increased Agility and Dexterity one has, the more Agility and Dexterity one gains. Hundreds of these Juggling Balls of Increased Agility and Dexterity are scattered throughout Krynn. As a side perk, if one juggles the Juggling Balls of Increased Agility and Dexterity, he will never drop the Juggling Balls as long as he's juggling them.

Kender Artifact of Companionship
donated by Keysnatch Windowbreaker

The artifact is a 7-sided die. On each of it's sides, there is a single dot that glows green. Whenever the artifact is put into use, the whole die glows in a multitude of colors, for about 3 seconds altogether.

History: Once, Keysnatch Windowbreaker found a ring in a dragons horde. It turned out to be a wishing ring - It would grant the first person who used it one wish. Several days later, after narrowly escaping death-by-minotaur, the kender said out loud: "I wish people wouldn't keep thinking that I'm a thief!" To Keysnatch's surprise, the ring on his hand started to glow. It rose of Keysnatch's finger and into his hand. There, the ring started changing shape - until it became the Kender Artifact of Companionship.

How it Works: Whenever the owner of the artifact "borrows" something from another person, the artifact will create a duplicate of that object in the same place and position it was beforehand. However, this duplicate will dissapear when the kender gets "out of range" of the person, which is in this case out of a mile's radius from the person (or when the person gets out of the kender's range, of course). Thus it has happened very often that a poor unsuspecting person finds that his pants have mysteriously evaporated for no apperent reason. It once happened that a kender "borrowed" the Artifact of Companionship from another kender, which caused there to be TWO Artifacts. For some reason, the duplicate never dissapeared, although all attempts to recreate this event and duplicate the artifact again have failed.

The artifact gets it's name from the fact that if nobody knows that the kender has it, people will get along well with him, because they won't find their stuff constantly disapearing. On the other hand, if the kender's companions know of the artifact and of it's powers, it becomes a Kender Artifact of Lonliness, because no-one wants to only find out what's gone missing after the kender is over a mile away...

Kender Stone of Bigness
donated by Peregrin Lighttongue

It looks like a shiny black stone with some smudges on it, and a scratch somewhere.

History: It was made when geothermic forces in Krynn's crust caused a volcano to explode, spewing liquid hot magma all over the places and really making a mess of things. The magma cooled, and the stone was made. (I heard this from a gnome, and they are very knowledgable in geology, or was it geography, I can never remember, but it started with geo). I happened to find it along the road somewhere, who'd a thunk it?

How it Works: It looks really shiny, and feels quite heavy. And it makes a kender become 6 foot 5 inches tall. It's great for parties, especially seeing people run away screaming "IT'S THE KENDER GIANT!!! AHHHHH!!!!!"

Living Dragon Statue
donated by Kenya Goodfellow

This is a small golden dragon statue that is about 13 inches long and 6 inches high. The dragon has two diamond eyes and it's tail is extremely sharp and pointed so that it can be used as a +2 dagger/+5 vs evil dragons.

History: It was made by an evil wizard who one day was fighting a wizard of the white robes. The good wizard had a gold dragon on his side. The evil wizard was defeated but before he died he cursed the dragon and turned into a small statue.

How it Works: When the statue is held in hand it can be brought back to life for 2d10 rounds and it will do whatever the user wants(it has the abilities of a 5th level gold dragon), but there is a curse on the statue that when the dragon is brought back there is 25% chance that the evil wizard will return from the dead and kill the user and the dragon and that he will roam the land looking for the good wizard.

Magic Stones of Mirth
donated by Lil' Wizard

Two gray pebbles with one blue rune mark on each.

History: Made by a very annoyed wizard in an effort to get the kender handler in his group to leave him alone for a few minutes.

How it Works: Any joke, riddle, or humorous comment made by a character in any language - no matter how funny - will make the stones start to giggle and then burst into uncontrollable laughter.

magical stone of throwing
donated by uncle milkweed

this rock is about the size of an apple which makes it easy to hold in your hand.. it is very smooth and great for throwing

History: this item has been passed down the milkweed family for many years.. it is said that this rock saved the life of Milton Milkweed when he was running away from a crazied minotaur down the Shingow River

How it Works: when the rock is thrown it will hit it's target and come back to the user... sometimes it even lands back into the users hands!!!

Moof"s Mimic Stone
donated by Speakeasy Hotair

A Small tablet, about 4 inches long, 2 wide, and 1 thin. It bears the symbol of the changing of ways, (the one showing how something come into possession of a kender.) It is made of stone.

History: Zork, the great enchanter, met face-to-face with a mimic. It was a fight to the death, and the mimic was winnig. Zork mustered all his magical power and imprisoned the mimic in the small tablet, but for how long?

How it Works: When the stone comes within 10 feet of a magical item, it's symbol glows red. It immidiately changes shape to that of the weapon, getting charges equal to it. If the magic Item is used within one-hundred feet of it, the stone (in it's shape) gains that power. e.g. a sword +3 attacks, the stone gets it's plus three, a rod casts cone of cold, the stone gets cone of cold, etc. Once all the powers of the magic item are copyed (if that happens) the stone melts away into a killer mimic! The mimic goes straight after the magic item to attempt to distroy it. Once it is, or the mimic dies, the mimic whisps away in the wind. If it did get the item, it appears in the stone's original user's hand. The stone can only be used once (considering it changed to a mimic and then "was whisped away.")

Murron's skull
donated by Slipshot Backflash

It is an average color (for a skull) and is about the size of a regular human skull. It is like a crossbetween a wolf and a human skull, and has very sharp teeth. The eyes glow when it getts near any other magical bones. It has also been known to speak about random things, most of which are in the past, however, a few are in the future.

History: Murron (my friend) was walking through a forest, when she suddenly fell into a hole in the top of an underground cave. Poking around at the rocks, she discovered the skull under a boring looking set of golden plate armor. Picking it up it began to talk to her! Talking back to it, she asked a random question "Hmm, I wonder if I will ever get out of here?" When suddenly, it answered her! "A man is coming, don't call out to him, but there is anouther man coming after him. Call out to him for help, he won't hurt you." Following his advice, it proved to be true. Unfortunitly, she met an unfortunat end, and gave it to me to bring here with her last dying breath.

How it Works: When it is around other magical bones, it's eyes glow a firey red, and sometimes it even shakes. If you are lucky, and it likes you, then sometimes it will answere questions that you ask it, however, do be forwarned: it doesn't always tell the future, sometimes it tells what happened in the past, and having nothing to do with the question you asked it. It gives this away by pausing before it answers. So do listen carefully.

Nuitari Speakingstone
donated by Thornn Bramblebug

The Nuitari Speakingstone is a piece of black rock on a black silk cord. The Speakingstone is shaped like a sphere with a web design carved all around it. It is the highest honor Nuitari can bestow on a mortal besides leadership of the Order. Thornn Bramblebug has one.

History: Nuitari made it as a way to keep track of his kender mages, as well as a way to honor their superior skills. He made it out of rock from his moon, using his bare hands. Reorx has all the hammers, you see, and he wouldn't share.

How it Works: The Speakingstone allows the wearer to confer with Nuitari at any time, and confers upon said lucky individual the gift of tongues. That is, he or she can understand and speak any language. It also protects the wearer to some degree against other magics.

Orb of Kitty Attraction
donated by Keyhole Lockpicker

A crystal ball a little larger than a big marble (aka the shooter for people who play)

History: It is a birthday gift to my friend Celestia Swordfinder from Par- Salian, he told her that it was something he'd made once for one of his favorite kittens so he gave it to her because she loves kitties.

How it Works: If given to a cat the cat will have an absoultely wonderful time playing with it until it falls asleep (ever watched kittens play with anything?) all cats young or old in the general area (a few yards radius) will be compelled to join the game. Even the cranky old cat of the Captains on the ship we took to Ergoth came to play with it when we gave it to our kitten Mew Treeclimber!!

Pearl of Hylo
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

The Pearl of Hylo doesn't look as grand as it sounds. Sure, it's a pearl the size of a fist (kender), but it's got scratches and huge gouge-marks all across its surface. It only has value to True or Afflicted kender. Kender living on Taladas have never heard of the Pearl of Hylo, and thus will not be awed by its great reputation among the Kender of Ansalon. This is true for the Kendar as well.

History: A long time ago, a wee kender sprout found a small pearl among the sand. He took it up, and kept it with him as a keepsake. For some reason, he never told anyone about the pearl (this is an odd thing because kender are a race of extroverts and rarely keep anything a secret, especially when they are young...) The Pearl of Hylo has been passed along from kender to kender for centuries afterwards.

How it Works: The Pearl of Hylo is a queer thing. For each owner it has, it collects the memory of the owner like a siphon. This is not to say that the Pearl sucks away the memories of the owner. Rather, it makes a copy of them and stores them into the pearl. The pearl is then passed on (or borrowed) and another owner repeats the cycle. Because of the hundreds or thousands of kender memories inside it, the Pearl of Hylo has grown to great proportions (fist-sized, remember?). Now, what's the use of storing all these memories inside a single pearl? Well, no one knows, actually... But, hey, there IS a use!! A spellcaster (be she arcane or divine) can concentrate on the pearl for 10-30 minutes and receive some random memory stored within the Pearl. The longer one concentrates on the Pearl, the more specific one can be in the time period of the memory. This makes for a useful storytelling device as one can relive the memories of Dariken Whistlewhit or Mariella Troglotoe. Researchers can find out what kender were doing centuries before! What a marvelous device!! Unfortunately, the Pearl of Hylo has not been taken care of very well... As I said, many a scratch mark the once- smooth sides of the Pearl. And non- kender don't take much stock for the thing....

Repeater Stone
donated by Gregory Spillbow Hornfiller

It's a small stone kinda like what you would find on the road except that is bright blue and kinda transparent.

History: I don't know, I was just walking down the road one day and I saw it, it lives in the little pocket on the outside of my pouch.

How it Works: I'm not sure but I think that it makes a good story. I'm not sure but I think that it makes a good story. I'm not sure but I think that it makes a good story. I'm not sure but I think that it makes a good story. I'm not sure but I think that it makes a good story. I'm not sure but I think that it makes a good story. I'm not sure but I think that it makes a good story. I'm not sure but I think that it makes a good story. I'm not sure but I think that it makes a good story.

Rock of Swirly Colours
donated by Klappenoot the Kender

a small roundish rock covered in colours that constantly change in pattern and hue. It emits a faint light. Often found in clear glass bottles

History: It's amazing what Beholder-kin can do, isn't it?

How it Works: It constantly changes in colour and pattern so no kender can ever be bored watching it.

Skipping Stones
donated by TheGnomeWithToLongAName

A flat smooth stone.

History: It comes from a stone beach.

How it Works: It makes the possesor skip rapidly forward, unable to stop.

Statue of Llama
donated by Volfied Ravenwhistler

It looks like a stuffed llama toy, where when its spell is used otherwise, it becomes a normal sized llama.

History: Heya folks! Well... I guess this is the true story of the true story... This white robe, I don't remember his name, whom I met in a small town after my first day in wanderlust, made an offfer to me... He was really kind, and he was really trying to keep his pouches away from me, they stinked though, anyway... His offer was to make the ring... That ring was an ordinary ring that was hitch hiking on the path I travelled along... which was empty magical, where it meant it can be added a magical property, or so called artifact. I showed him Bill, my beloved llama and only companion, and he made this ring so that I could shrink Bill to a hand sized llama toy any time I want, and bring him back to actual size. But I never could enlarge him, I guess mage wasn't that powerful to let me do that...

How it Works: This ring and statue are always together, where ring is worn by the statues as a necklace when its not worn by someone. It shrinks and takes the llama back to actual size any time the bearer wants.

Stone Kender Figurine
donated by Viradus Lightfoot

A very well made peice of stone art that looks exactly like ME!

History: I was walking through a little city around the area of Solace, and I came apon this old dwarf who had a severe case of "Lack Of Entertainment." I gave him this book I found just a second before I came upon him. It turned out it that he seemed to have lost his so he made me a figurine that looked like me in exchange for the book!

How it Works: All kender get a 1d3 addition to their dexterity, all humans get a 1d2 addition to there dexterity and all elves get plus one to dexterity. I get 1d3+1 to my dexterity because it was made for me!

Stone of Kender Control
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

It looks like a rather small jewel thing. Very bright and multicolored, like a rainbow.

History: Once, there was a frustrated cleric of Paladine who was trying to enlighten the kender in the faith of her god. She clutched a seemingly dull stone from nowhere and prayed hard to her god.

How it Works: The Stone of Kender Control is a rather misleading name. It works as per the Suggestion spell. However, for the kender's Will Save, they don't get their +1 natural resistance as they normally do. Kender are, after all, very vulnerable to the affects of this stone. The stone can, of course, be used on non-kender, though they get +1 to their Will Save, since the stone was not designed for use against non-kender. Any claims that Paladine blessed the stone are met by kender with loud cries of dismay that their venerable old grandfater, Fizban, would possibly have anything against THEM.

Stone of Random Ownership
donated by Jarl tenderfoot

The Stone of Random Ownership aperes to be just your average shiny,rainbow generating, neat, irresistable to pick up, odd shaped stone.

History: No where knows who made it, or where it came from due to what it does.(see below)

How it Works: The Stone of Random Ownership does not let any kender own it, and know about it for long enough to get bored. If the stone is picked up, or "found", within five seconds, it generates it'self a nice little wormhol in space/time and places it in some random kender's random pouch, randomly in a random conuntry, taking a random amount of time to get there.

Stone of Seeing
donated by Maseltis Thikknot

The Stone of Seeing is a round,flat,pointy at-one-end stone,its about 4 inches long.The Stone of Seeing color depends the light you are in,if its a bright day the stone is a shiney metallic blue,if its a dark,cloudy day the stone is a dull blue.Also if tiled the right way you can see streaks of gold green and purple in it.

History: "Well,I am not real sure where it came from,I was in solace onces,reviewing my items whith another kender,and i took out my favourit poutch,and there is was,a mage I know said it was a stone of seeing,he said that dwarfs found a odd looking rock and treasured it,then a dwarf theif took it,and its apeared in sevral places after that,its quite inresting isnt it??"

How it Works: "Its realy neat,see,all you have to do is say a place,hold the stone tightly,and when you look at it,it shows whats going on in that place.It only shows it a few seconds though.."

Stone of Sparkleyness
donated by Magus Stickeyfingers

A beautiful ruby cut to have many faces. When it catches the sun it sparkles most wonderfully.

History: It came from a kender who acquired it from another kender who acquired it from yot another kender who acquired it from a Mountain dwarf stone cutter.

How it Works: It goes all sparkley and pretty when you put it the sun...

Stone of the Plaid Dragon
donated by Swiftboot Woodchip

It's a simple looking rounded stone (good for skipping!)

History: This is one of my own tales! i got the stone from a traveler as a gift for keeping him company. he said that in the world there are nasty plaid dragons that cause all sorts of trouble. this stone kept them away from the owner. i was so thrilled with this that i immediatly set out to keep plaid dragons away. after a long time (half hour) i finally got tired of keeping the palid dragons away and decided it was time to meet one. not wanting to loose the stone for all time i sold it to an odd bard that rang bells for a few copper. i then set out to find myself a plaid dragon. when i didn't find one i noticed that the stone i sold had found it's way back to me along with a pouch of coins and a few bells. i figured that the rock must have been with me because i didn't seen any plaid dragons. now i keep the stone because it likes me and doesn't want to leave.

How it Works: It keeps plaid dragons away from the owner. this is simply proved by the fact that there are no plaid dragons around when someone has the stone, therefore the stone keeps them away.

The @$%!!*$ Teleportation Crystal
donated by Jorin Thistleknott

The @$%!!*$ Teleportation Crystal is, true to it's name, a crystal. It is about 6 inches tall and about 4 inches wide, maybe 1 1/2 inches thick. It is shaped into three prongs, splitting off from the central one. (think a natural amythyst) It is a light emerald green in color, and slightly opaque. On it are faintly glowing runes that change every couple of seconds.

History: To be perfectly frank, I have no idea. I was just digging around in my Kender Pouch of Holding (see the magical pouches list - I rolled a 1-00!!!) and pulled it out.

How it Works: The runes on the surface that periodically change are actually a timer that counts down. The thing is, they're written in some ancient language and magic doesn't work if you try to use it to understand them. You can tell when you have about a week left (one rune dissapears) and when you have about a day left (another rune dissapears) and then when there's about five minutes left. (they start dropping like crazy) When all the runes dissapear, anyone touching the crystal is transported to wherever the owner is thinking about. Then, whether it was used or not, the timer resets to a random amount and starts again. (we got trapped on an island for more than six weeks once!) The reason it's called the @$#@!! crystal is because it's basically a tool for the DM to move the party around when and if he wants!

The Kendragon Figurine
donated by Mapshaker Wanderfuss

The Kendragon Figurine This figurine is small enough fit in the palm of a kender's hand. It is made of brass and has two small dark red stones for its eyes. It has elegant spiraled horns and perfect tiny scales suggestive of dwarven craftsmanship. It is seated with its tail curled around its legs and it's wings are furled as if testing the wind.

History: The figurine came to be called the Kendragon figurine because It was first used by a kender. The mage who lost the item got it back, but since the tale of the kendragon has been told in the kender communities the mage has had a very hard time keeping track of it.

How it Works: f the wings are pushed back a small needle will protrude from the end of the tail. If the needle draws blood it will retract. The figurine uses the blood to identify the person it is performing the magic on. Ten rounds after the figurine has tasted blood the person affect will turn into a brass Kendragon. The only way to reverse the spell is to read the tiny inscription on the back of the Kendragon. It says, "Su margath naga nulis". One this has been said in the presence of the figurine the affected person will revert back to his or her normal state. A successful saving throw against spell will prevent the effects of the figurine. A kendragon is in actuality just a young brass dragon. They have some of the same characteristics as kender. They are curious, they tend to be selfish and collect things, and they LOVE to talk. The person that is affected does not have the general knowledge of how to fly, fight, or use breath weapons. They have to figure that out on their own. If they take damage while in dragon form they will retain the same amount proportionate to their own hit points.

The Load Stone
donated by Piddlewit Cliffhopper

The Load Stone is the most interesting piece of rubble in the multiverse. Its multi-colored surface is covered with splotches of interesting fuzzy moss.

History: Piddlewit Cliffhopper, overstaying his welcome with a tempermental mage, found this rock while wandering about. The ornery mage told him it was very special, and that he would enchant it. He did. The next time Piddlewit "borrowed" the rock was the last. Rest in peace, Piddlewit.

How it Works: This stone is very casual about owners. Any non-kender who touches it becomes its new owner. Kender, though not magically drawn to the stone in any way, will undoubtedly have it slip into their pouch accidentally. When a kender touches the stone, every object within fifty feet, including people, trees, sharp objects and large rocks, will be sucked toward the poor kender, crushing him or her in a pile of really neat stuff. A great housewarming gift.

The Marble of Pouch Dropping
donated by Capinstock Slightfinger

The Marble of pouch dropping looks like an ordinary 1" clear crystal marble, except inside of the marble is a tiny black shiny bead of liquid. The item is a great asset when playing marbles, because of its perfect roundness, and superior quality of glass... or is it crystal... Oh well that's not important. But anyway, it was very beautifully crafted, and being such a rarity as far as perfection goes, it was coveted by many marble shooters and travelling collectors.

History: This Marble was created by a Sylus Godsbane of Morbalor, for the intended purpose of keeping his assistent scribe, Destin Mournwillow, from Finding everything in his laboratory and forgetting where the right place to put it was at, therefore deciding to keep it with him for safe keeping. Sylus Gave it to him as a present and said, "Always keep it near you... it'll keep others safe. And if you ever lose it, shout out at the top of your lungs, STOP THIEF!!! and you should know where it is," and Destin, not knowing of the true intentions, abided cheerfully, because it was not every day that Sylus would give him such a treasure. About two days later, Destin went to a local tavern, and ordered a drink, to go along with the nifty bowl of pretzels he had found on one of the tables on his way to the counter, with the money he had found next to the tall guy standing at the entrance... and well... the guy behind the bar didn't look too happy, especially when he started yelling and screaming about he was about to have a new special on the menu featuring me, and all though it sounded interesting to him to see what it would be like to be a special on a menu, This guy didn't seem to think it was a nice thing, so Destin Calmly exited the bar... at 25mph., While the Barkeep started yelling, "STOP THIEF, STOP THIEF!!!!!!", and one by one, all of Destins many pouches fell to the ground with a clatter. When he stopped to pick them all up, he was caught and thrown into jail. Sylus was summoned to come bail him out, so he came down to Morbalor County Jail and bailed him out. When they got home, Sylus asked Destin if he learned any thing. To this,Destin sullenly replied,"Yeah... If I'm gonna go to town, I need to tie my pouches a lot tighter." Sylus laughed at this, while he made a request to have the marble returned. Almost as soon as Sylus had it, he chunked it out the window towards a mountain range about 10 miles away. At this same instant, a homebound Kender (homebound meaning the road in front of him) happened to be walking along the very spot where the marble landed, and of course he saw it, so he leaned over and picked it up and put it in his pouch, all the while remarking on what good luck he has had recently, "First a glowing grey stone, then a red spiked suit of armor, now this... what a strange world." And so....... The world received about the only form of protection against a Kender..... "STOP THIEF!!!!!!!!!!"

How it Works: The marble of pouch dropping makes the holder of it have a difficulty holding his/her pouches. The enchantment placed on this item makes all of the holders pouches unlatch, undo, come off, or come out of any place on the holder they are at, and fall to the ground, open up and spill out all over the place but only when one of the power words are spoke, STOP THIEF. It can take anywhere from 1d4-1d100 rounds, according to how many pouches, items within them, and by how high the dexterity of the character is(In the most extreme case, 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,245 pouches and at least a hair clipping in each, it could take an automatic extreme time limit to regain each item and replace it in the original pouch, which to a Kender in particular is VERY important. This can only be counteracted with a natural 20 on a Dex. check), but that of course is up to the GM. A suggested scale for extreme measures is to either roll 1d100, or 5d20's to determine the actual time frame. *Note, if this scale is used, it could amount to a couple of in game months, so you could probably set up a whole new adventure of trying to get back all the Items, because you know that Kender are very forgetful, and by this time, they probably wouldn't know exactly what was in those pouches... so magical labels could be good to work in somewhere.*

Technical schtuff: This item should be treated as a cursed magical item, with a -2 on dexterity rolls for recapturing items within 1d4 rounds, and a fumble would result in rolling 1d100 to find out how many rounds it will take to get everything back... or at least everything not found by someone else. Dex modifiers: for every Five points under dexterity, the number of rounds will decrease a fourth of the total original roll for rounds. If this results in a number below 1, then character may do some minor task in the same round.

The Marbles of Taunting
donated by Bookworm Pageturner

The marbles look like an one thierd inch multi-colored cats-eye marbles. When in use they appear to have a tiny glowing mouths. The pouch they are held in always has a warning lable. "Kender Magic At Work. Beware!"

History: One day five years before the second dragon war a kender by the name of Thadius Tauntmonger befriended (for lack of a better word) a black robed wizard named Hexen. Unfortunatly for Hexen, Thadius was overly proud of his taunting skills and jumped at the chance to use them. This got them into seemingly no end of trouble. One day after narrowly excaping a particularly angry croud Hexen devised a way to teach his little friend a lesson. He created the marbles to taunt at his friend for endless hours after hearing someone say a taunt. This lasted for 125 days until Thadius realized he could use these to his advantage. From then on the marbles have been passes around by kender for ages and each bag has the warning on it. "Kender Magic At Work. Beware!"

How it Works: There are 2d12 Taunting Marbles in a bag. Each marble contains 1d100 different taunts. You rub the marbles to activate them. They stay taunting a target until put back into the Warning pouch. Creatures tageted by the marbles must make a saving throw vs. spell (plus wisdom bonus). If the being fails they attack the kender with a -4 to hit and a +2 penalty to there armor for 1d10 rounds. Every 5 taunts add a -1 to hit and a +1 penalty to armor for 1d4+1 extra rounds.

The Stone of the Keeper
donated by Flop Twinkletoes

It seems to be nothing more than a normal rock of the most *beautiful* blue-green. It's shaped like a cube with rounded corners, and is about the size of a baseball--whatever THAT is.

History: This stone was discovered by a well-liked kender known as Talina Hoppifluff in a deep and dark cave somewhere on the coast of Solomnia. It was later stolen from her by a very ugly green dragon, who lost it to a knight in shining armor, from whom I borrowed it. He never asked for it back, which could be because the dragon paid a visit to the castle, but I don't think he wants it anymore.

How it Works: When you hold the stone and shut your eyes, when you say the magic words its magic will be activated. The words are Ally Mally Fuffle Bubble Gork. Isn't that exciting? Oh yeah! What it does is it summons the Keeper! No, not the Keeper of the underworld... the Bar Keeper! He will then give you any drink you desire. Final Warning: Do not show it to any mercenary or peasant, because they'll never give it back!

Trileaf's Dice of Infininte Fun
donated by Trileaf Dicetell

Looks like a pair of dice that are made of fine carved ruby.

History: A kender picked up the dice from a drunk man lying in a alley.Unbeknownst to him this was a relic of the little known God of Gambling.

How it Works: The dice always win. People around user will gamble everything untill dice are hidden.

Wondrous Stone
donated by Arrys - Saviour of the Gullies

It's a reddish stone, the shape of a strawberry.

History: It was made by Arrys, a gnome prankster/mage...

How it Works: If a gully dwarf licks it, it tastes like strawberry! If a non-gully licks it, it tastes like gully drool. Whenever a gully dwarf says the stone is his/hers, a magical bond is created between the gully and the stone. If the stone is taken away from the gully, or he/she throws it away, it appears to his hand or pocket... Whenever another gully declares the stone as his/hers, it affixes to him/her.

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