Living Dragon Statue
donated by Kenya Goodfellow

This is a small golden dragon statue that is about 13 inches long and 6 inches high. The dragon has two diamond eyes and it's tail is extremely sharp and pointed so that it can be used as a +2 dagger/+5 vs evil dragons.

History: It was made by an evil wizard who one day was fighting a wizard of the white robes. The good wizard had a gold dragon on his side. The evil wizard was defeated but before he died he cursed the dragon and turned into a small statue.

How it Works: When the statue is held in hand it can be brought back to life for 2d10 rounds and it will do whatever the user wants(it has the abilities of a 5th level gold dragon), but there is a curse on the statue that when the dragon is brought back there is 25% chance that the evil wizard will return from the dead and kill the user and the dragon and that he will roam the land looking for the good wizard.

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