Moof"s Mimic Stone
donated by Speakeasy Hotair

A Small tablet, about 4 inches long, 2 wide, and 1 thin. It bears the symbol of the changing of ways, (the one showing how something come into possession of a kender.) It is made of stone.

History: Zork, the great enchanter, met face-to-face with a mimic. It was a fight to the death, and the mimic was winnig. Zork mustered all his magical power and imprisoned the mimic in the small tablet, but for how long?

How it Works: When the stone comes within 10 feet of a magical item, it's symbol glows red. It immidiately changes shape to that of the weapon, getting charges equal to it. If the magic Item is used within one-hundred feet of it, the stone (in it's shape) gains that power. e.g. a sword +3 attacks, the stone gets it's plus three, a rod casts cone of cold, the stone gets cone of cold, etc. Once all the powers of the magic item are copyed (if that happens) the stone melts away into a killer mimic! The mimic goes straight after the magic item to attempt to distroy it. Once it is, or the mimic dies, the mimic whisps away in the wind. If it did get the item, it appears in the stone's original user's hand. The stone can only be used once (considering it changed to a mimic and then "was whisped away.")

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