Stone of the Plaid Dragon
donated by Swiftboot Woodchip

It's a simple looking rounded stone (good for skipping!)

History: This is one of my own tales! i got the stone from a traveler as a gift for keeping him company. he said that in the world there are nasty plaid dragons that cause all sorts of trouble. this stone kept them away from the owner. i was so thrilled with this that i immediatly set out to keep plaid dragons away. after a long time (half hour) i finally got tired of keeping the palid dragons away and decided it was time to meet one. not wanting to loose the stone for all time i sold it to an odd bard that rang bells for a few copper. i then set out to find myself a plaid dragon. when i didn't find one i noticed that the stone i sold had found it's way back to me along with a pouch of coins and a few bells. i figured that the rock must have been with me because i didn't seen any plaid dragons. now i keep the stone because it likes me and doesn't want to leave.

How it Works: It keeps plaid dragons away from the owner. this is simply proved by the fact that there are no plaid dragons around when someone has the stone, therefore the stone keeps them away.

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