The Live Rat of Power
donated by Ghostbuster Lillypad

A rat. A live one. And its dirty,since rats don't usually take baths and brush their teeth.

History: Well, its a little known fact that Reorx was dyslexic. When Reorx was hired to make a very powerful Hat for Fizban, he accidently made a very powerful Rat. Fizban didn't like it, so he threw it down to Kyrnn,where gully dwarfs promptly tried to eat it.

How it Works: It breaks the teeth of any gully dwarf who tries to eat it, since it's hide (supposed to be the hat's lining) was made to be invulnerable. Generations of Gullys have broken their teeth on it and never eaten rat again, so the other rats consider it a 'Live Rat of Power' and worship it. Yet today Gully Dwarves are still trying to eat it.

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