GoldfishBowl of Light
donated by Angela

it's a 5" diameter glass goldfishbowl, filled with water, and a small goldfish named lacey swimming around in it.

History: There i was, wandering around this neat little marketplace, in some town, can't remember which one, there are so many... anyhow, i passed by this booth, with a mage for hire. he was doing little tricks, for anyone with a coin, like fixing things that couldn't be fixed, (but i guess they could be fixed, if he was fixing them...) and he made some ugly woman not so ugly, only a little ugly now, and there were a couple kids that he made a little show for, with tiny transparent dragons flying through the air (is that where dragonflies came from? i wonder...) anyway, i happened to have a coin, (unlike the unfortunate man next to me who was complaining loudly about the one he had just had and had lost. he should be more careful with his things) and i had always wanted a magic item of my very own, so i asked him to magic something for me. i pulled out a goldfishbowl i happened to have with me, said hi to lacey, my goldfish friend, and gave it to the mage. he noted that a lamp is always useful, and i agreed (what a smart guy!) so tadaah! i have a magic goldfishbowl lamp.

How it Works: This magic goldfishbowl lamp glows lightly in the dark, and can produce a brither light when lit. it also holds my goldfish, lacey.

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