The Scroll of Infinate Answers
donated by Juniper Berrybane

It's a long scroll of parachment. Written on the front is a long list, and on the back is one of Merryblessings's poems. Around it is a piece of purple ribbon.

History: The scroll originally belonged to the mages of this other continent Kayla (Mapmaker) went to. It was made to help in any crisis. Kayla gave it to her half-sister, Merryblessings, and, I guess she must have dropped it...^)

How it Works: The scroll will give you help with any question. All you need is to tell the scroll your problem, and unroll it a little. Written right there, in whatever language you can read best (It appears as different lanuages depending on whose reading it.) is the answer to your problem. The scroll will give a correct answer the the problem, but it is not always the ONLY answer and there is even a 10% chance that it will be a reverse answer.

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