Ink Vial of the Adventurous Kender
donated by Inkdrinker Mapmaker

It appears to be a normal ink vial except it has a picture of some mushrooms on the front, pertaining to the ink inside which is made from wild mushrooms and regular ink ingrediants.

History: It was enchanted by a level 69 wizard from the realms with a twisted sense of humour and was sent to krynn around the time of the founding of Hylo. (The mage had met a kender who was somehow transported to the realms)The bottle cannot be broken, and many Kender have thus used it as a weapon.

How it Works: It acts as a bottomless vial of ink for kender, never emptying. If a particularly adventerous kender decides to drink the ink, which acts as a medium to stong levelled hallucinogen, then they get the effect one gets from eating krynnish magic mushrooms. If it is used as a weapon, the bottle, which is unsmashable, automatically deflects weapon blows if within a 3 inch radius of the weapon (it deflects to either side of the kender that the weapon was in regards to the weapon. If a straight on strike is made, the weapon will bounce back and hit the weilder for half damage.) As a weapon, the bottle deals 2d4 damage melee and 1d6 damage as a missle weapon, but because it holds liquids inside, there is a 60% chance that as a missle weapon it will miss its target.

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