Kender Compass
donated by Chao Lord

A small disk-like object with a button-knob on top and a glass-like screen on the front side. The disk is about as large as a kender's hand.

History: I made it in my lab, after finding Gnomish Blueprints (another item) that showed me how to make a "Gnome Compass." I changed the plans, and made it into a "Kender Compass".

How it Works: The Kender Compass shows every kender in range. The range is 1000 miles or 1 miles circumference. It also shows every kender's name, sex, and every item in the kender's pouch if you twist the knob to make the kender you want glow, then press the button. The screen changes to show every item that kender has stolen, and every owner that item belongs to. Name and sex of kender are on the main compass screen.

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