Device of Time Journeying
donated by Dragonlancefanatic

Okay,anyone who read the Legends Books should no what the device looks like and Tas actually broke it in the Abyss. Its a device that has a chain and many jewles and gems. I have never actually seen a picture of it so i cant tell the shape or size.

History: Well i beleive that Par-Salian gave it to Caramon to go back in time in the Legends Series. Its been awhile since i have read it so i may be mistaken. It never told were it was made although. Tas did get it from Fizban (Paladine) in the War of The Souls Series and ended up breaking it again like in the Legends when he was in the abyss. As in the Legends series a gnome fixed it again and well i am still reading the rest. But the name of this gnome is Conundrum the one that fixed it in the abyss is, well was i should say seeing as how Raistlin killed her,Gnimsh.

How it Works: This device takes the user backward or forward in time hence the name. There is a special encantation like a song almost that you say and do certain things like spinning the chain over your head at certain parts of the encantation.

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