Needle of Escape
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

This needle looks like a rather innocuous copper needle. However, if one looks closely at the needle, he'll notice that it catches the light more than usual.

History: The (dis)reputable kender, Fornas Kendermage, made this needle when he found that he was forever having to run away from people. So found the first thing that caught his eyes, which was this copper needle.

How it Works: If a string is threaded through the needle and laid in a circle on the ground, the string will stay there until the person with the needle invokes the words, "Oh dear gods, help me!" and at that time he will be teleported immediatley to where the string was laid. Each string can only be used once, but the needle can be used as many times as needed. Another ability of this needle is that any clothes sewn by the Needle of Escape provides better protection from the elements and blows from misunderstanding lynchers...

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