The Set Of Mapmaking Pens
donated by Chao Lord

The Set Of Mapmaking Pens is a box of quill pens. The two pens are exactly identical, but one is cursed, and the other is blessed. These pens are of most use to a kender, as they cannot stop making maps. The set also comes with an ink bottle.

History: This set was made when a kender mage (a rouge wizard) accidentally dipped his favorite quill in a magic inkwell. The pen became full of unexhaustable ink, and the wizard found he could draw any map perfectly, right down to the blades of grass, in a short amount of time. However, the wizard also dipped another pen in a magic inkwell, but this inkwell was cursed. The wizard found that, with this pen, he could not draw or write anything correctly. Even other kender laughed at the maps made with this pen.

How it Works: The Set Of Mapmaking Pens allows a kender to make maps or forge documents perfectly, if they choose the correct quill. If they choose the wrong quill, the pen curses everything the kender makes with it. The ink bottle that comes with the set is a Magic Bottle Of Speedwriting, which allows the kender to make his or her maps at three times the speed. If used with the blessed pen, a kender can make a perfect map in under two hours.

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