The Ball of Color-changing
donated by Unknown

It is a ball with a 2 1/2in diameter. It has rainbow colors that are all ways shifting and glowing.

History: This ball was made by Hiddukal for a bargain with one of the first kender(his name is lost to us). It turns out that the kender had an item that was important to Hiddukal. When Hiddukal came down to the mortal plane to bater with the kender though, the kender "borrowed" the ball and managed to keep the holy symbol. The kender later gave the holy symbol to a cleric of Hiddukal, and pased the ball onto a fellow kender.

How it Works: The ball has no offensive or defensive capabilities. It's only use is for humor. It can change the color of anything in the sight of the kender to another color of the kenders choice.(Example) The kender sees a dwarf with a brown beard. The kender pulls out the ball and thinks about changing the beard color to blue. The ball turns blue, glows, and poof! the dwarf's beard turns blue. This affects the dwarf in no way, except maybe making the dwarf mad. It's a great laugh, ad kenders love to use it.

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