Bramble's Amazing Comb of Changing Hair
donated by Bramble Moonwillow

This item is a simple, wooden comb, carved in designs that look kind of elven. It has exactly 12 teeth, and is a rich brown in color.

History: I don't know who made it, but I think I got it off that red robed mage before he cast his spell on me that time when Peppin was brainwashed into a cleric of Chemosh. Afterwards, when I was combing my hair with it, I wondered what it would be like to be a redhead, and *poof* I was one. With short hair? *poof* again. So I combed and thought of my own hairstyle (or the one I was wearing that day) and I was back to normal! That was neat. I gave it to Peppin, because I didn't really want to change my hair, and I think he gave it to another kender.

How it Works: If you comb your hair with it, and think of any hair-style/colour you want, you'll have it. It's not cursed or anything, as far as I know, 'cause I could easily change my hair back. *giggle* You should've seen Peppin with short pink hair!

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