The Portable Magnetic Hole
donated by Travis Trapspringer

It is a paper thin, foldable, round black circle about five

History: One day while frolicking in my normal kenderly manner I came
across a some deserted ruins(or so I thought). All of a
sudden a very tall person appeared in front of me. He turned
out to be a kender mage on stilts. he handed it to me an told
me how to use it properly.

How it Works: The hole is used to remove all the items off a target person.
Don't you just hate it when someone claimes that you have one
of their things? Well now after they leave just throw it
under them and it will remove it for you. Along with anything
elese of value. But be warned, if it ever gets ripped, it
causes a huge explotion that dosen't hurt you but removes all
of the stuff in your pouches and flings them into a vortex from
which they can't be retrived. But on the plus side, it makes
a great light show.

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