Shovel of Wonder
donated by Tassilhoff Willings

The shovel of wonder is quite a remarkable object, it looks to be nothing more then a normal folding miners shovel, lightweight and it fits easily in my pouches.....err.. in small spaces!

History: I was walking along near dry creek bed in some gods-forsaken valley when i spotted a campsite the miners had in the rough countryside! hoping maybe to get a good story or at least a piece of warm bread I of course went up and introduced myself! they obviously were in the middle of playing a game when i walked up because they shouted something and a shovel went whirling over my head! I picked it up and was about to bring it back to them. Then i began to wonder what it was like to be a miner! i planted my feet firmly on the ground and started digging! Low and behold a gopher came out of the hole i was digging! so of course I had to try again. Digging in a spot a couple feet away i found someones garbage! my shovel had stolen someones garbage! What a sight!

How it Works: The shovel of wonder will ALWAYS unearth something! wither it be an ant or a rock or even a gopher! you always wonder what you will find next. hence the name "The shovel of wonder!"

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