Kender Replacement Miniature
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

It is an exact miniature replica of the owner. Down to the faintest scar, to the last pouch.

History: A white robed mage thought it would be a fantastic joke on his friends except his creation only works on kender for some reason...

How it Works: When it is thrown or set down and one says the trigger word, suddenly a life- sized replica of the miniature appears. This is usually the owner of course. It has the same amount of HPs and the exact same Armour Class as the owner. Also, the replica will begin Taunting everyone within a certain range. If attacked, the replacement will certainly dodge the attack, which is why it has the same Armour Class. Any AC bonus from magical enhancements are lost since of course the replacement doesn't duplicate the effects of magical equipment. However, the replacement won't attack back at any attackers so, this will prove only a minor diversion for those extremely violent... Nevertheless, the replacement has a duration of 1 hour. After an hour, the replacement reverts back to miniature, unless it was killed, in which case, it is destroyed. The Kender Replacement Miniature has 20 charges; when it reaches 0, the miniature can't be used, unless recharged... Of COURSE! Then again, you won't find many people who would recharge such a thing...............

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