The Box of Interesting Items
donated by Swiftboot Woodchip

It's a plain wooden box about 12"x12"x5". It has a lid that can be latched.

History: Well, the story goes that Scuttlefoot Dustwheel (a personal friend of my cousin Moonglow Greenfeather) was visiting a mage friend of his one day. the mage said that he had no time to visit the wonderful kender on this day because he had some dangerous experiments to do. Scuttlefoot offered to help and proceeded to mix two very colorful liquids together. the mage was about to applaude him when a explosion took off half the house. the mage was so pleased that he had a good view now he quickly made a magic bow for the kender. he gave it to the kender and told him that it was full of interesting stuff. Scuttlefoot was very happy and went on his was to investigate the new box. to his surprise, when he opened it and reached in he found a whistle. he moved on down the road a way before he decided to try it again. this time he found a pouch of gold. what he stumbled upon was a bow that magically teleported objects from the area into the box. the box was in his possesion for about a month until Scuttlefoot meet with an untimely demise. one day he pulled a belt out of the box. it was a very lare belt and soon he found that it belonged to a minotaur that was passing by. the minotaur was not happy that he lost the belt that held up his pants. from then on kender have passed it along to each other and found many wonderous things.

How it Works: To use this box it must be set upone the ground. when opened it appears to be an empty box with an area of darkness in the bottom. when a person reaches inside they grasp an object. this object comes from somewhere within a 500ft. radius of the box. it just suddenly appears there. the box can only be used once within that 500ft. radius. once it has been moved outside that area it can be used again. mind you that this box teleports objects from anywhere in the area. if being used in a AD&D adventure the DM should create a chart of ten random items that can be found in the area. then the DM only has to roll a 1d10 to determine the object teleported. only objects that can fit through the box and inanimate (not alive) objects can be teleported. kender beware, because an angry minotaur may come looking for his missing belt that you happen to have...

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