The Lady O' the Sea
donated by Zephram Bristlyknickers

The Lady O' the Sea is a rowboat. A rather run-down, dilapidated, rotten, warped, old rowboat. It has two oars, one is broken. It contains a keg of ale and a barrel of pickled herring. "Lady O' the Sea" is scrawled across the front of the ship.

History: Zeph Bristlyknickers, evil kender thief, yes THIEF (he's proud of it) was sent by a powerful Black Robe to collect a recruit for the Order. To facilitate this, Zeph was given the Lady. No one is sure of the craft's original origin. When last used by Zephram, it appeared in a fountain. It is believed that the ship was stolen by a dark elf shortly after Bristlyknickers' demise. It's current whereabouts are unknown.

How it Works: First of all, the thing actually floats. Second, the keg and barrel of herring are always full. When a command word "Schmuck!" is spoken followed by a specific destination, the Lady sinks, only to resurface at that spot. The Lady may only to other aquatic areas in this fashion, from one body of water to another.

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