Feather of Fizban
donated by stephen

The feather of Fizban is a normal-looking chicken feather, completely indistinguishable from other chicken feathers except for those most faithful of kender.

History: (book 2 of Dragons of Autumn Twilight) Fizban and Tas were up in a tower, hanging from a very thick chain, and were attacked by a red dragon. The dragon's flame burnt through the chain but left the wizard and handler uninjured. There was one small problem, though: they were falling from the top of the tower! Fizban tried to cast a feather fall, but he wasn't quite fast enough (let's face it, fireballs are his providence). All he got was the feathers. Fizban died beneath them, but Tas landed on top and lived. Later on, one of the feathers worked its way back to him.

How it Works: Using the same concept of items in extradimensional spaces (such as bags of holding), the feather appears in its owner's hand instantly whenever he wants it. Otherwise, even kender trial-and-error have discovered not practical uses for its magic (though it can, of course, be used for anything a normal feather would be used for). Some believe that its power can somehow be tapped to contact Fizban, wherever he is now.

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