The Sharp and Pointy Marble of Magical Imbunement
donated by Jarl Tenderfoot

it is a worn down , dull and not very shiny marble with nothing to prick some one with

History: It was made by a small town boy just trying to figure out the meaning of life. His small brain collapsed on itself when he came to the right conclusion, and his brain fell out of his right ear. no- one knows why this made the item do what it doesn, but I suppose you could figure it out if you try thinking of the meaning of life.

How it Works: Upon picking up the Sharp and Pointy Marble of Magical Inbunement, you are pricked by a magialy invisible point that decides to put it'eft on the marble where ever it should be in order to prick you. Any non-magic user pricked by the marble istantly gains the spell- like ability to freely use mage Hand, and Pestdiigitation.

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