The Book of Branchala
donated by Pick & Skip Furrfoot

This book is bound in light green binding and has a blue page-holder. It begins to feel warm to the touch whenever held by a follower of Branchala.

History: The Book of Branchala is believed to have been found sometime around 362AC though it appears to be an ancient relic of the past.

Found in an empty Temple of Branchala by one treasure hunter extroardinare, Pickle "Pick" Furrfoot, as one day she was making a trip to Lemon and plunged into a deep chasm quite by accident! When she awoke, she saw on a platform this book and carried it from there and back to Hylo. As of now, the Book lies in a Temple of Branchala in the middle of Hylo and has been seen making many trips around the city with various kender!

How it Works: The book has a whole score of songs written within its pages and the beauty of the hand-writing has been known to make many kender cry. Whenever the Book is held, however, one can feel a slight emanation of power from it. In the back of the Book there is a written message by the unknown author, "Whoever shall ever hold this Book and Harp of Branchala shall be granted the power to play the Songs written herein. The Songs contain magic however so beware and be wise." That's where the message ends, and I don't get it. I can still play the songs in there so why do I need a Harp?!? Oh, maybe if I get the Harp I'll be able to unlock the magical power in the Songs also! Hmmm, I wonder what the Song, "Summoning the Silvers" will do? It's got some dragon's head by the verses but oh well. Time to find the Harp! brother & sister treasure hunters, Pick & Skip Furrfoot

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