Tweezers Of Dragon NoseSqueezing
donated by cooldilo

They are normal tweezers, the color depends on what kind of dragon the user is going to use it on.(If it is red, the user is most likely going to use it on a red dragon.)

History: When the dragon purge was just beginning, a group of kender and gnomes wondered what would happen if they could use some tweezers to squeeze a dragons nose. It took about twenty years, but the gnomes have finally finished the production of this item and are know, with the help of a few kender, producing them in any city where kenders roam.

How it Works: Well it renders the user invisible all dragons. When close enough to a dragon, they automatically reach out and squeeze the dragons nose, some tweezers have an added magical stone that says "meep meep" everytime it is used. After about ten seconds, if the user is still alive, the tweezers teleport him/her/it back to the inside of Mt. Nevermind. Of course all of the dragon overlords have become infuriated with this item and have issued an international ban on the marketting of these items. Malys has sent a formal letter saying that she has suffered severe noise bleeds from the constant use of this item on her nose, she is now sueing the creators of this items.

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