Thimble of Protection
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

The Thimble of Protection looks like a thimble made of brown leather. It appears to have a bit of red on it from the blood of a hapless user. It's also studded at the bottom with little iron circles.

History: The Thimble of Protection was made in conjunction with the Needle of Escape. Fornas Kendermage, that (dis)reputable mage, made the thimble when he found that his Needle of Escape sometimes didn't help much when a really, really angry lynch mob was on him or when he forgot to prepare a string (See Needle of Escape). So he created something for better protection.

How it Works: The Thimble of Protection, when twisted three times around the thumb, can give the user a limited time of invulnerability. The time limit is very limited, as in you have five minutes to escape or you're a kender with a very stretched neck. It's also a good thimble to use for sewing. When used in conjunction with the Needle of Escape to sew your clothes, the clothes will somehow look a little flashier than usual...

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