Almighty Kender Ball
donated by Darilus

A Hampster ball

History: A powerful wizard wanted to keep kender away from his lab so he pue a chipmunk in a crastal ball and let it loose.

How it Works: It keeps the kender occupien with how is the animal in there what does it eat and can it breathe. The kender always feels compelled to go after it when it gets away (and it always does)

Annoying Penguins
donated by Trillia

A samll red wooden penguin, reasonably carved and quite pretty but really nothing special.

History: It was made by a kender mage called Confused Tangleknot, for no apparent reason other than to annoy other kender (we suspect it may have been originally intended as a bad joke). By it's nature it tends to multiply, so you or anyone else could end up with one from anywhere. You'll find them wherever other kender have been. (I got infected with this in a campaign once and it's really annoying)

How it Works: If you take this penguin out of your pouch, you then have a 1/2 chance of getting another penguin instead of any other random iten for the next d8 rounds. This is especially annoying in battle, as eventually you run out of uses for red wooden penguins. If any other kender picks one up after you have discarded it, their pouches become infected, too. You can't get rid of them until the end of the adventure.

Apple/Worm of Listening
donated by Misty

In the hands of a kender it looks like a rotten apple with a worm sticking out of it. In the hands of anyone alse it looks like a regular apple.

History: It was made by a bard Chicky Tallmen who just happens to be a kender. When the party she was traveling with got annoyed with her talking all the time.She needed someone to listen to her.

How it Works: In the hands of a kender it just listens to the kender as it talks never interrupting. In the hands of anyone alse it tastes like the last thing they ate after they ate it.

Black Orb of Divination
donated by Paithan Quindarr

A black orb with a flat bottom. On the top is a white circle with an infinity symbol upon it

History: Unknown how it was made though rumor has it that a Wizard of High Sorcery made it so that they could cease answering a certain Kender's endless questions.

How it Works: It never stops answering questions. All one need do is ask a quesation of the orb, turn it upside down and an answer will appear. Common answers seem to be , "not enough information", "seek another path", etc. (think magic 8-ball)

Block of Pouches
donated by Knof Thistlenott

It is a Block Of wood about a foot long and 4" inches wide.

History: It was made and enchanted by Knof Thistlenott.How did you find it? I found a log and wittled it,then later i found the spell.

How it Works: It attracts all the pouches in it's vicinity and causes them to stick to it. How does it work? The spell is a magnet to the basic items and textures of pouches even the hidden ones....:)

Bramble's Amazing Comb of Changing Hair
donated by Bramble Moonwillow

This item is a simple, wooden comb, carved in designs that look kind of elven. It has exactly 12 teeth, and is a rich brown in color.

History: I don't know who made it, but I think I got it off that red robed mage before he cast his spell on me that time when Peppin was brainwashed into a cleric of Chemosh. Afterwards, when I was combing my hair with it, I wondered what it would be like to be a redhead, and *poof* I was one. With short hair? *poof* again. So I combed and thought of my own hairstyle (or the one I was wearing that day) and I was back to normal! That was neat. I gave it to Peppin, because I didn't really want to change my hair, and I think he gave it to another kender.

How it Works: If you comb your hair with it, and think of any hair-style/colour you want, you'll have it. It's not cursed or anything, as far as I know, 'cause I could easily change my hair back. *giggle* You should've seen Peppin with short pink hair!

Bupu's Magic Rat
donated by Cohenus the Halfling

A dead Rat.

History: Bupu found it in Xak Tsaroth.

How it Works: Nothing. No Dead Rat, BIG MAGIC!

Chicken Bone of Wandering
donated by Sir Kender


A small but fat bone. It is partly red, and brown. It has a
green glow, and is kind of a curved shape.

A guy I knew. I found a chicken bone and met a wizard. He
got mad at me, so he said that if I go away he would enchant
my chicken bone. I said,"Yes," and I touched it and I
suddenly found myself somewhere else.

How it Works:
Everytime you touch it you and all companions that you want
are zapped anywhere randomly.

Dead Cat of Light
donated by Sheepieman

It is a smelly, dead black cat, with a white, diamond-shaped patch of fur on it's forehead. There is nothing shown as to why it's dead.

History: I have no idea where it came from. I was walking through an alley one night when I stepped on it's tail. It gave off light, and I decided to take it.

How it Works: Well, if you hold the cat by the middle, and pull it's tail, It's eyes open and give light up to thirty feet in front of it. Very useful in caves or at night, but it smells really bad in enclosed places.

Dead Talking Rat of Destiny
donated by Pipin Pocketfinder


History: Who made it? How did you find it?
A great Kender wizard called Gange Bobblepop
made it by boredom. Pipin walked by and Gange threw it a him
from not wanting it anymore.

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work?
It talks to kenders and tells them what it has on its mind

Device of Time Journeying
donated by Dragonlancefanatic

Okay,anyone who read the Legends Books should no what the device looks like and Tas actually broke it in the Abyss. Its a device that has a chain and many jewles and gems. I have never actually seen a picture of it so i cant tell the shape or size.

History: Well i beleive that Par-Salian gave it to Caramon to go back in time in the Legends Series. Its been awhile since i have read it so i may be mistaken. It never told were it was made although. Tas did get it from Fizban (Paladine) in the War of The Souls Series and ended up breaking it again like in the Legends when he was in the abyss. As in the Legends series a gnome fixed it again and well i am still reading the rest. But the name of this gnome is Conundrum the one that fixed it in the abyss is, well was i should say seeing as how Raistlin killed her,Gnimsh.

How it Works: This device takes the user backward or forward in time hence the name. There is a special encantation like a song almost that you say and do certain things like spinning the chain over your head at certain parts of the encantation.

Feather of Fizban
donated by stephen

The feather of Fizban is a normal-looking chicken feather, completely indistinguishable from other chicken feathers except for those most faithful of kender.

History: (book 2 of Dragons of Autumn Twilight) Fizban and Tas were up in a tower, hanging from a very thick chain, and were attacked by a red dragon. The dragon's flame burnt through the chain but left the wizard and handler uninjured. There was one small problem, though: they were falling from the top of the tower! Fizban tried to cast a feather fall, but he wasn't quite fast enough (let's face it, fireballs are his providence). All he got was the feathers. Fizban died beneath them, but Tas landed on top and lived. Later on, one of the feathers worked its way back to him.

How it Works: Using the same concept of items in extradimensional spaces (such as bags of holding), the feather appears in its owner's hand instantly whenever he wants it. Otherwise, even kender trial-and-error have discovered not practical uses for its magic (though it can, of course, be used for anything a normal feather would be used for). Some believe that its power can somehow be tapped to contact Fizban, wherever he is now.

GoldfishBowl of Light
donated by Angela

it's a 5" diameter glass goldfishbowl, filled with water, and a small goldfish named lacey swimming around in it.

History: There i was, wandering around this neat little marketplace, in some town, can't remember which one, there are so many... anyhow, i passed by this booth, with a mage for hire. he was doing little tricks, for anyone with a coin, like fixing things that couldn't be fixed, (but i guess they could be fixed, if he was fixing them...) and he made some ugly woman not so ugly, only a little ugly now, and there were a couple kids that he made a little show for, with tiny transparent dragons flying through the air (is that where dragonflies came from? i wonder...) anyway, i happened to have a coin, (unlike the unfortunate man next to me who was complaining loudly about the one he had just had and had lost. he should be more careful with his things) and i had always wanted a magic item of my very own, so i asked him to magic something for me. i pulled out a goldfishbowl i happened to have with me, said hi to lacey, my goldfish friend, and gave it to the mage. he noted that a lamp is always useful, and i agreed (what a smart guy!) so tadaah! i have a magic goldfishbowl lamp.

How it Works: This magic goldfishbowl lamp glows lightly in the dark, and can produce a brither light when lit. it also holds my goldfish, lacey.

Hands of Melting
donated by unknown

The Hands of Melting look just like two hand clasped together by handcord (ancient times handcuffs) and are made of a pewter looking metal. They are on a binding on a spellbook.

History: These hands were made by a mage who accidentally lost his spellbook and then blamed me for STEALING, of all the things I would do I would never steal. I might look at something for a while but steal? Never.

How it Works: The mage made these and put them on his spellbook so he could keep me from looking at it. I couldn't help myself so I did anyhow and found out they magically teleport your hand from the book and inside your shoes. I had a heck of a time getting my hands back out because my shoes were still on my feet at the time. I thought it rather rude but a traveling companion (Elf) said it was a great security device, it only made me more interested.

Ink Vial of the Adventurous Kender
donated by Inkdrinker Mapmaker

It appears to be a normal ink vial except it has a picture of some mushrooms on the front, pertaining to the ink inside which is made from wild mushrooms and regular ink ingrediants.

History: It was enchanted by a level 69 wizard from the realms with a twisted sense of humour and was sent to krynn around the time of the founding of Hylo. (The mage had met a kender who was somehow transported to the realms)The bottle cannot be broken, and many Kender have thus used it as a weapon.

How it Works: It acts as a bottomless vial of ink for kender, never emptying. If a particularly adventerous kender decides to drink the ink, which acts as a medium to stong levelled hallucinogen, then they get the effect one gets from eating krynnish magic mushrooms. If it is used as a weapon, the bottle, which is unsmashable, automatically deflects weapon blows if within a 3 inch radius of the weapon (it deflects to either side of the kender that the weapon was in regards to the weapon. If a straight on strike is made, the weapon will bounce back and hit the weilder for half damage.) As a weapon, the bottle deals 2d4 damage melee and 1d6 damage as a missle weapon, but because it holds liquids inside, there is a 60% chance that as a missle weapon it will miss its target.

Kender Compass
donated by Chao Lord

A small disk-like object with a button-knob on top and a glass-like screen on the front side. The disk is about as large as a kender's hand.

History: I made it in my lab, after finding Gnomish Blueprints (another item) that showed me how to make a "Gnome Compass." I changed the plans, and made it into a "Kender Compass".

How it Works: The Kender Compass shows every kender in range. The range is 1000 miles or 1 miles circumference. It also shows every kender's name, sex, and every item in the kender's pouch if you twist the knob to make the kender you want glow, then press the button. The screen changes to show every item that kender has stolen, and every owner that item belongs to. Name and sex of kender are on the main compass screen.

Kender Replacement Miniature
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

It is an exact miniature replica of the owner. Down to the faintest scar, to the last pouch.

History: A white robed mage thought it would be a fantastic joke on his friends except his creation only works on kender for some reason...

How it Works: When it is thrown or set down and one says the trigger word, suddenly a life- sized replica of the miniature appears. This is usually the owner of course. It has the same amount of HPs and the exact same Armour Class as the owner. Also, the replica will begin Taunting everyone within a certain range. If attacked, the replacement will certainly dodge the attack, which is why it has the same Armour Class. Any AC bonus from magical enhancements are lost since of course the replacement doesn't duplicate the effects of magical equipment. However, the replacement won't attack back at any attackers so, this will prove only a minor diversion for those extremely violent... Nevertheless, the replacement has a duration of 1 hour. After an hour, the replacement reverts back to miniature, unless it was killed, in which case, it is destroyed. The Kender Replacement Miniature has 20 charges; when it reaches 0, the miniature can't be used, unless recharged... Of COURSE! Then again, you won't find many people who would recharge such a thing...............

Kender String of Seeing
donated by Thistle Eavesdropper

It is a ball of varios colered string.

History: No one knows who made the ancient artifact, but it I happen to come across it in the outskirts of Solace.

How it Works: The user must hold it in his or her hand and close his eyes and concentrate on the string. Soon a vision will come to mind and that will be the near future.

Magic Paint
donated by Scazza Thunderfeet

It looks like a large 2 liter tin without a label.

History: No one is really sure where it came from, but a clan of directionless kender say they bought it from a strange traveling merchant from Solace...or was it Flotsam?

How it Works: The clan of wandering kender where told that it brings objects to life, so they hurridly painted everything that they had in thier pouches. All of the objects turned into creatures and ran off towards the woods. (I wonder what happens if we paint one of us?)

Magical Yarn of Confusing
donated by Darim Goldenleaf

It is a colorful yarn,of blue,purple,yellow,pink,red,and just about every other color in the the universe.It is very long,about 1/2 inches thick,and 5 yards long. What does it look like?

History: Who made it? How did you find it?Supposedly Paladine made it just for the benefit of the kender,especially Darim Goldenleaf.

How it Works: THis wonderful item works when you swing it about your head and stare directly into the eyes of your opponent.It blinds the person/thing temporarily but long enough for the kender himself or his comrades to finish it off. What does it do? How does it work?

Mirror of Fantisos
donated by Tobigera

It's a small handmirror that has a silver handle and has many shiny, multi- colored gems embedded in it.

History: The Kender, Thistleknott Fastfingers, is always telling me about this item (usually at the moment I least care to hear it) He says that he found it when he traveled to another world. It is a special mirror blessed by one of the gods from that world, Fantisos Lord of Dreams.

How it Works: The mirror will show you what you really are in the reflection. If you are greedy, you'll see yourself surrounded by wealth. If you are lustfull, well, I won't go there. Note, this is an effective weapon against demons and is the only thing that can be used against the ONI (see ONI selection in KC Creature List). Such creatures are so evil, that the reflection they see in this mirror actually causes them physical harm.

Mouthwash of Taunting
donated by Aissel Quickhand

What does it look like? A little bottle filled with green fluid.

History: Who made it? How did you find it? Dont know who made it. I "found" it on the treasure pile of the dragon Sen (The Dragon who almost fried Aissel) Taak

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work? When swooshed around in the mouth of a Kender (doesn't work on other races) it increases his powers of taunting tenfold. (Really!)

Mummified Lizard
donated by Selendrile

It is a mummified forest lizard, somewhat like a very wrinkly iguana. Its limbs stick out sharply at it sides.

History: It is a mummified lizard originally belonging to Bupu (who didn't actually know what it could do). It once lived in Darken Wood.

How it Works: When a person (gully dwarf or otherwise) says the Secret Magic Word (which is actually "Halitosis") the lizard will come to life as a talking familiar who can transform to a 12-foot-long green dragon upon occasion. It will not harm the one who awakened it.

Murray The UberSkull
donated by Nick

A skull.

History: During a battle between The Solamnic Knights And a group of undead raiders, Murray, The Uberskull, one of the dark Zombie paladins of Chemosh lost his body. Over Time, The flesh rotted away, and eventually, the skulls ramblings were used as the basis for a cult. The Cult Was Disbanded when a young kender joined, taking Murray for "Safe Keeping".

How it Works: It floats around like an Ioun Stone from Standard D&D. It allows to to turn undead, turn Paladins\Clerics and it can attach itself to any corpse and re animate it. All Weapons associated with the head of the monster are removed. You must make a will save, DC 15 once per week. If you fail, Your alignment sinks towards evil. Week 1:Lawful Good Week 2:Neutral Good Week 3:Chaotic Good Week 4: Lawful Neutral Week 5: Neutral Week 6: Chaotic Neutral Week 7: Lawful Evil Week 8: Neutral Evil Week 9: Chaotic Evil Week 10: The Character corupted is forced into an in by the skull, and they take a day off.

Needle of Escape
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

This needle looks like a rather innocuous copper needle. However, if one looks closely at the needle, he'll notice that it catches the light more than usual.

History: The (dis)reputable kender, Fornas Kendermage, made this needle when he found that he was forever having to run away from people. So found the first thing that caught his eyes, which was this copper needle.

How it Works: If a string is threaded through the needle and laid in a circle on the ground, the string will stay there until the person with the needle invokes the words, "Oh dear gods, help me!" and at that time he will be teleported immediatley to where the string was laid. Each string can only be used once, but the needle can be used as many times as needed. Another ability of this needle is that any clothes sewn by the Needle of Escape provides better protection from the elements and blows from misunderstanding lynchers...

Nikki's Scale
donated by Juniper Berrybane

A purple dragon scale about the size of a kender's hand.

History: It grew naturally on the tail of my friend Nikki, the one and only purple dragon (don't worry, ever though she's a colored dragon, she's good)

How it Works: It will call Nikki to you to help you (She's a nice dragon. Almost like a kender, exept big.). All you have to do is warm the scale in the fire and Nikki will fly over to you. Afterward, you will always find the scale, perfect, in one of your pouches.

Nosehair of Wonder
donated by Hidd "Jinx" Widdlerbee

It is a half-inch long, black nosehair

History: This nosehair came from a great explorer Gandè Vann Strobe, who reknowned for his navigation skills. But the truth is that his longerest nosehairs allowed him to smell his way like a dog. Of course, when he unknowingly cut it off...well, lets say Gandè was never heard of again.

How it Works: It did allow it's host to smell different trees, animals, and landscapes from great distances. But I say "did", because only it's natural host could use it.

Penguin of Wondorous Power
donated by Pip Moonstealer

This is a small statue of a penguin with crimson eyes. It is standing on a glacier. On the back it reads "Penguinis!"

History: This is one of the early inventions of Pip Moonstealer (kender) before he became friends with Reinin Shadowblade (drow). It was made by shrinking and enchanting a petrified penguin.

How it Works: When you hold this into the air and shout "Penguinis!" 1d100 flying penguins with a random breath weapon (roll on 1d4 every one of them has same breath weapon) come to aid the holder.

Quinby's feather of Falling
donated by Quinby Pathfinder


What does it look like?
Small brown goose's feather, much the size of a small quill pen.

Who made it? How did you find it?
The great Wizard Zeddicus Z`orander once had a pretty goose...
My great, great, great, great, (boy was he a nice fella) grandfather
Happened one day to find it in the woods, and decided to return it to him.
Somehow though, it seems great grandpappy forgot about the goose and got Zeddy
kinda mad.. He came and got it from my grandfather, the great Quincy Pathfinder,
for all those who don't know him, and gave him the present of this goosefeather
from the goodness of his heart. Ever since then, it's been passed down from generation
to generation... A symbol of family, and of good luck!

How it Works:
What does it do? How does it work?
In game terms, the feather reduces Dex by 1d6+2, and whenever
rocky or rough terrain is faced, a modified dex check must be made
or else the kender will stumble to his face, suffering 1d3 damage.
When in possesion of the feather, a kender will always suffer from
severe bad luck, with all dice rolls modified -2, and dex reduced
by 8, automatically. The feather cannot be gotten rid of without
the use of a remove curse spell.

Raven's Orb
donated by Malar Redwood

A raven's orb looks like a small white ball big enough only to fit in someones ear.On both sides there are pictures of ravens carved into the orb.

History: The origin of the item is unknown,but many rumors point that a druid possibly created it.

How it Works: When placed in the ear of the subject he/she can understand any languge spoken.

rope of Paladine
donated by Tarnic Quicksilver 'of course'

This is my pride nd joy, Fizban himself gave me this, Tarnic Quicksilver Kender handler extrodinare (lvl 12). It's a rope about 10ft long and platinum colored.

History: Fizban told me that once an elven bard was alowed to cut Paladine's mane. He had magic sissors, of course other wise how do you cut a god's hair? After he was done he colected up the trimmed off hair and took it to a dwarven ropemaker who wove it into a rope.

How it Works: Well, it's about ten foot long, unless you want it to be longer, then it can be up to 500 feet long. It grows and shrinks as you want it to, isn't that soo cool? when you throw it it can grow and shrink in midflight and it wraps itself around things and ties and unties on command. It can't be cut or broken, my friend Vlad deBastard has tried to hit it with his vorpal sword and his sword of sharpness and nothing. Even that dragon couldn't burn it. And it makes me stronger, when I use it my strength is treated as if it were 3 points higher.

Scales of Neatness
donated by C. Schlichting

These items appear to be a normal set of balances with a few odd things in the "weights" compartment such as marbles or feathers

History: This magic Itme was mad by a mage with the help of a kender assasintant. He wanted to learn about how kenders thinked, and what they valued. It has passed many hands since he gave up, however.

How it Works: If something is placed on both sides, the scales will tip in favor of the "neater" thing. Neatness is detrimined by typical kender thinking. For example, A peacock feather would out-weigh a dull platinum bar.

Shovel of Wonder
donated by Tassilhoff Willings

The shovel of wonder is quite a remarkable object, it looks to be nothing more then a normal folding miners shovel, lightweight and it fits easily in my pouches.....err.. in small spaces!

History: I was walking along near dry creek bed in some gods-forsaken valley when i spotted a campsite the miners had in the rough countryside! hoping maybe to get a good story or at least a piece of warm bread I of course went up and introduced myself! they obviously were in the middle of playing a game when i walked up because they shouted something and a shovel went whirling over my head! I picked it up and was about to bring it back to them. Then i began to wonder what it was like to be a miner! i planted my feet firmly on the ground and started digging! Low and behold a gopher came out of the hole i was digging! so of course I had to try again. Digging in a spot a couple feet away i found someones garbage! my shovel had stolen someones garbage! What a sight!

How it Works: The shovel of wonder will ALWAYS unearth something! wither it be an ant or a rock or even a gopher! you always wonder what you will find next. hence the name "The shovel of wonder!"

Soap of mouth-washing
donated by Dreamer Jingleheim

This looks like a plain-old ordinary bar of soap.

History: This used to belong to that Jacko guy. I tell you, he's not very careful with his things. Quite frankly, I'm surprised he still has things! He's constantly making these bizzare items that noone in their right mind would use.

How it Works: Whenever a profane word is uttered within 20 feet of the soap, it leaps out of its owner's pouch and proceeds to wash the speaker's mouth out.

Spock Ears of Magical Changing
donated by Insane Dream

They look like Spock Ears you can buy at a convention, but they are MAGICAL!

History: I don't know who (or what) made these, but I found them one day at a "Star Trek" Convention (whatever THAT is...), but they are very useful for where people don't like Kender....

How it Works: Whenever the owner (at the time) puts them on his/her ears, the person transforms into an elf, full grown, about 5'5", and no one can tell the difference. Your hair stays the same (whew!) and so does your mind.

Teleport Feather of Small Ones
donated by Orbfire Crosspath

Teleport Feather looks like a feather. It can be of any color, usually red or reddish.

History: The first known Teleport Feather was found by a kender, Ashburn Sparkfire. Even he might not know were did it come from. Later his friend Orbfire constructed one for himself.

How it Works: When command word is spoken and the Feather is swinged in air it will transfer the user to a place he desirer to go. (The name of the place must be spoken after the command word) The feather can only be used by kenders' and gully dwarves.

The All Kender Pouch Network
donated by Shivam Bhatt

The all Kender Pouch Network is more than just a simple magical item. It is a network connecting Kender Pouches across the multiverse to a repository of random items, magical and not, deposited on a demiplane made for this purpose. Any Kender with access to the AKPN has a small pouch which serves as a link. This pouch can be any shape or size.

History: The All Kender Pouch Network arose after the great Kendermeld during the Age of Might, when a particularly gifted Half Kender Sorceror (hiding from both Istar and the Towers of High Sorcery) by the name of Taksan Pinkerton stumbled across a discontinuity in the River of Time. This occured when he tried to use a Gnomish Oil-powered Water Finder in the Khur deserts near what used to be Balifor. Apparantly, the waterfinder reacted with the strong resident magical energies in this place, allowing Taksan to enter into a storage space. This space fascinated the kender in Taksan, for it seemed that it could be accessed from many different ports at once. Taking advantage of this, Taksan sealed the demiplane off, created a large number of pouch ports that could access this zone, and handed one to every kender he could find.

How it Works: The AKPN is a storage zone. If a kender puts something into an access pouch, rather than staying in his pocket, the item falls into the storage zone. When the kender tries to retrieve something from the pouch, he accesses a random item from the storage zone. No animate objects may be placed in the access pouch. This magical network has some 750 access pouches scattered all over krynn. The summer of chaos temporarily shut down the main server demiplane, but due to the hard work of Fifth Age Kender Sorcerors, Access was returned in thirty years. Due to the great age of this network, it is likely that some rare ancient magical items might be found there randomly.

The Ball of Color-changing
donated by Unknown

It is a ball with a 2 1/2in diameter. It has rainbow colors that are all ways shifting and glowing.

History: This ball was made by Hiddukal for a bargain with one of the first kender(his name is lost to us). It turns out that the kender had an item that was important to Hiddukal. When Hiddukal came down to the mortal plane to bater with the kender though, the kender "borrowed" the ball and managed to keep the holy symbol. The kender later gave the holy symbol to a cleric of Hiddukal, and pased the ball onto a fellow kender.

How it Works: The ball has no offensive or defensive capabilities. It's only use is for humor. It can change the color of anything in the sight of the kender to another color of the kenders choice.(Example) The kender sees a dwarf with a brown beard. The kender pulls out the ball and thinks about changing the beard color to blue. The ball turns blue, glows, and poof! the dwarf's beard turns blue. This affects the dwarf in no way, except maybe making the dwarf mad. It's a great laugh, ad kenders love to use it.

The Book of Branchala
donated by Pick & Skip Furrfoot

This book is bound in light green binding and has a blue page-holder. It begins to feel warm to the touch whenever held by a follower of Branchala.

History: The Book of Branchala is believed to have been found sometime around 362AC though it appears to be an ancient relic of the past.

Found in an empty Temple of Branchala by one treasure hunter extroardinare, Pickle "Pick" Furrfoot, as one day she was making a trip to Lemon and plunged into a deep chasm quite by accident! When she awoke, she saw on a platform this book and carried it from there and back to Hylo. As of now, the Book lies in a Temple of Branchala in the middle of Hylo and has been seen making many trips around the city with various kender!

How it Works: The book has a whole score of songs written within its pages and the beauty of the hand-writing has been known to make many kender cry. Whenever the Book is held, however, one can feel a slight emanation of power from it. In the back of the Book there is a written message by the unknown author, "Whoever shall ever hold this Book and Harp of Branchala shall be granted the power to play the Songs written herein. The Songs contain magic however so beware and be wise." That's where the message ends, and I don't get it. I can still play the songs in there so why do I need a Harp?!? Oh, maybe if I get the Harp I'll be able to unlock the magical power in the Songs also! Hmmm, I wonder what the Song, "Summoning the Silvers" will do? It's got some dragon's head by the verses but oh well. Time to find the Harp! brother & sister treasure hunters, Pick & Skip Furrfoot

The Box of Interesting Items
donated by Swiftboot Woodchip

It's a plain wooden box about 12"x12"x5". It has a lid that can be latched.

History: Well, the story goes that Scuttlefoot Dustwheel (a personal friend of my cousin Moonglow Greenfeather) was visiting a mage friend of his one day. the mage said that he had no time to visit the wonderful kender on this day because he had some dangerous experiments to do. Scuttlefoot offered to help and proceeded to mix two very colorful liquids together. the mage was about to applaude him when a explosion took off half the house. the mage was so pleased that he had a good view now he quickly made a magic bow for the kender. he gave it to the kender and told him that it was full of interesting stuff. Scuttlefoot was very happy and went on his was to investigate the new box. to his surprise, when he opened it and reached in he found a whistle. he moved on down the road a way before he decided to try it again. this time he found a pouch of gold. what he stumbled upon was a bow that magically teleported objects from the area into the box. the box was in his possesion for about a month until Scuttlefoot meet with an untimely demise. one day he pulled a belt out of the box. it was a very lare belt and soon he found that it belonged to a minotaur that was passing by. the minotaur was not happy that he lost the belt that held up his pants. from then on kender have passed it along to each other and found many wonderous things.

How it Works: To use this box it must be set upone the ground. when opened it appears to be an empty box with an area of darkness in the bottom. when a person reaches inside they grasp an object. this object comes from somewhere within a 500ft. radius of the box. it just suddenly appears there. the box can only be used once within that 500ft. radius. once it has been moved outside that area it can be used again. mind you that this box teleports objects from anywhere in the area. if being used in a AD&D adventure the DM should create a chart of ten random items that can be found in the area. then the DM only has to roll a 1d10 to determine the object teleported. only objects that can fit through the box and inanimate (not alive) objects can be teleported. kender beware, because an angry minotaur may come looking for his missing belt that you happen to have...

The Crane's feather Quill
donated by Merryblessings Bookbinder

It's a quill made out of a crane's feather! What else do I have to say?

History: I don't know who made it, I just know that I traded a poem for it. if you expect rambling stories that don't go anywhere, talk to Juniper. (I read that, Merryblessings...I'm going to get you for that...Just you wait...Juniper Berrybane)

How it Works: It's a pen that doesn't need any dipping, and always writes in perfect script, no matter how bad your handwriting is (Yeah, but it doesn't care how bad your writing (Like poems) is...Juniper Berrybane) It also doesn't drip, sputter or bend. Unfortunatly, I can't use it to throw...

The Great Flint of Grassburner
donated by Eilderhownd Grassburner

A set of flint and stone that is pure white, and it smelles oddly of Dwarf Spirits.

History: This set of Flint and stone has been handed down in my family for generations...always setting lost for a few years though...Its remarkable abilities have given me my clan name,Grassburner

How it Works: When struck together,it sets fire to all its sparks come into contact with,be it meatal,skin, or lush green blades of grass. It inflicts 3d6 damage per round

The Hat of Rabid Bunnies
donated by Trea Trouble-Bringer

A large neon green hat, with wilted flowers all over it. A ironed on cotten rabbits run aorund the rim.

History: Some old Mage wanted to be a magician for his nephew but forgot to make sure he got non-rabid bunnies.

How it Works: You put it on, it closes around your head and rabid bunnies attack. If you say "GOSH DANGIT!" they will attack. Bunnies are so cute!!!

The Kender Chain of Sticky Smells
donated by Kayli Shadowalker

It appears to be a brightly colored wooden chain. It is
about 4 feet long.

History: My aunt, Lopony Treeweaver, gave it to me. Her aunt gave it
to her, her aunt gave it to her, and so far back no one
really knows who made it.

How it Works: Stand facing the enemy, and hold the chain out in front of
you with both hands. They will smell hundreds of scents
they've never smelled before. They won't be able to resist
sniffing it. When they sniff it, they will be under your
control. Then you can wrap the chain around them, and it
will stick to them until you want it to let go. Then all you
have to do is say your name and that you want it back. Like,
"Kayli wants her chain back." And then it will fall to the
ground. It only works for its rightful owner.

The kender Dentures of the Boghog
donated by Jarl Tenderfoot

It apperes to be a normal pair of dentures, slightly yellow, but basicaly normal.

History: It came from another universe, though a inter-universal wormhole and into a kenders pouch (I swear, that's what happened!).

How it Works: While whereing the dentures, a kender can't understand any language, instead when they would say "what?" or "huh?" or "speak up...", instead of them speaking, they are pulled by the dentures to bite into the person they are tring to talk to's thigh, and hard. The kender cannot let go, until someone hit it off with some sort of club, or the kender succedes at a will save. (will save DC 18)

The kender Map of Infinite Places
donated by Kenfyin Okararv

An old dusty peice of parchement. That has a green dot moving around on it constintly (Thats you).

History: no one knows.

How it Works: Where ever you go it gives the name of the place and where you are in common. And when you reach the boundries of the map it changes to fit the area your in.

The Lady O' the Sea
donated by Zephram Bristlyknickers

The Lady O' the Sea is a rowboat. A rather run-down, dilapidated, rotten, warped, old rowboat. It has two oars, one is broken. It contains a keg of ale and a barrel of pickled herring. "Lady O' the Sea" is scrawled across the front of the ship.

History: Zeph Bristlyknickers, evil kender thief, yes THIEF (he's proud of it) was sent by a powerful Black Robe to collect a recruit for the Order. To facilitate this, Zeph was given the Lady. No one is sure of the craft's original origin. When last used by Zephram, it appeared in a fountain. It is believed that the ship was stolen by a dark elf shortly after Bristlyknickers' demise. It's current whereabouts are unknown.

How it Works: First of all, the thing actually floats. Second, the keg and barrel of herring are always full. When a command word "Schmuck!" is spoken followed by a specific destination, the Lady sinks, only to resurface at that spot. The Lady may only to other aquatic areas in this fashion, from one body of water to another.

The Light of the North Star
donated by Tanil Half-Elven son of Tanis Half-Elven

What does it look like? Hmm, it's tough to describe, well, It looks like a ornate glass Vile with an ornate glass stopper, with a little bit of water inside. But when it's used it, gives off a special kind of light.

History: "Who made it?" you ask, I realy don't know. Now you are mumbling something like "How did he find it?" Well, I was walking though a forest, It was a realy stange one, there were all kind's of monsters & not one of them saw me, one even walked right though me, when all of a sudden this bright light shone down on me, A man in a white hat, & robe, said to me, Here young one, you will need this on your journy ahead, & then he told me the secret of the vile, & warned me never to tell anyone how it worked, or it would work for me no longer, after this I was puzzled, what path could he mean? Well I keept on walking, & I found a cave... but that's another story.

How it Works: What does it do? Well it shead's intence starlight light, when used, Elves & Half-elves can see even further (2x) with their infravision, (not including Drow) It actualy let's them use it in it's light, Dwarves, can see father too (1 1/2x), It also uses a persons will power, (role 4D4 for this score, & then role 4d5 for a check) to dispell magic, It takes a normal check for small powered magics, a double check (multiply the checked number by two) for medium powered magics, & a triple check for powerful magics, But up to for people may link up & add their will together for any of the powers. How does it work? Sorrly but that's a secret.

The Live Rat of Power
donated by Ghostbuster Lillypad

A rat. A live one. And its dirty,since rats don't usually take baths and brush their teeth.

History: Well, its a little known fact that Reorx was dyslexic. When Reorx was hired to make a very powerful Hat for Fizban, he accidently made a very powerful Rat. Fizban didn't like it, so he threw it down to Kyrnn,where gully dwarfs promptly tried to eat it.

How it Works: It breaks the teeth of any gully dwarf who tries to eat it, since it's hide (supposed to be the hat's lining) was made to be invulnerable. Generations of Gullys have broken their teeth on it and never eaten rat again, so the other rats consider it a 'Live Rat of Power' and worship it. Yet today Gully Dwarves are still trying to eat it.

The Mirror of Taunting
donated by Kipper Snifferdoo

This hand mirror was endowed with a strange magical nature.

History: When a kender looks into it he or she finds that they look stunningly beautiful, but if anyone else looks into it they become insulted with the refection of themselves. Their image is warped and they tend to look rather disgusting and bordering on putrid. A saving throw vs. spell must be made when a non-kender looks into the mirror. If the make the saving throw they are only irritated and repulsed by the image. If they fail the saving throw they will attack the person is holding the mirror or that gave them the mirror (this is usually a kender that wants to show his friend the incredible magical mirror he just found. If they are the one to find it and they fail the saving throw they will try to destroy the mirror. It saves as a metal with a + 3 bonus, and if it is successfully destroyed the pieces will come back together with in the next 24 hours and it will be whole again.

How it Works: The affected person will attack the mirror wielder for 1d10 rounds, with a -2 penalty to hit and a +2 penalty to his Armor Class because of the affected beings irrationality.

The Portable Magnetic Hole
donated by Travis Trapspringer

It is a paper thin, foldable, round black circle about five

History: One day while frolicking in my normal kenderly manner I came
across a some deserted ruins(or so I thought). All of a
sudden a very tall person appeared in front of me. He turned
out to be a kender mage on stilts. he handed it to me an told
me how to use it properly.

How it Works: The hole is used to remove all the items off a target person.
Don't you just hate it when someone claimes that you have one
of their things? Well now after they leave just throw it
under them and it will remove it for you. Along with anything
elese of value. But be warned, if it ever gets ripped, it
causes a huge explotion that dosen't hurt you but removes all
of the stuff in your pouches and flings them into a vortex from
which they can't be retrived. But on the plus side, it makes
a great light show.

The Scroll of Infinate Answers
donated by Juniper Berrybane

It's a long scroll of parachment. Written on the front is a long list, and on the back is one of Merryblessings's poems. Around it is a piece of purple ribbon.

History: The scroll originally belonged to the mages of this other continent Kayla (Mapmaker) went to. It was made to help in any crisis. Kayla gave it to her half-sister, Merryblessings, and, I guess she must have dropped it...^)

How it Works: The scroll will give you help with any question. All you need is to tell the scroll your problem, and unroll it a little. Written right there, in whatever language you can read best (It appears as different lanuages depending on whose reading it.) is the answer to your problem. The scroll will give a correct answer the the problem, but it is not always the ONLY answer and there is even a 10% chance that it will be a reverse answer.

The Scroll of Reinstallation
donated by Andrew Tucker

Traditional looking scroll, bound togeather by Red ribbon.

History: Upon hearing of the fate of her Lord, the Royal Mage Konna wrote this scroll to reverse the affects caused by the Ring of Bound Foundation. However, before she had the chance to use it, the Paladin (who at this time was, and remains so, King) had the Mage Konna arrested for High Treason and put to death. The scroll itself has since been lost.

How it Works: when read (must be over the spot where the curse happened), the Scroll of Reinstallation returns the cursed player back to their original state, with a -5 penalty to Intelligence.

The Set Of Mapmaking Pens
donated by Chao Lord

The Set Of Mapmaking Pens is a box of quill pens. The two pens are exactly identical, but one is cursed, and the other is blessed. These pens are of most use to a kender, as they cannot stop making maps. The set also comes with an ink bottle.

History: This set was made when a kender mage (a rouge wizard) accidentally dipped his favorite quill in a magic inkwell. The pen became full of unexhaustable ink, and the wizard found he could draw any map perfectly, right down to the blades of grass, in a short amount of time. However, the wizard also dipped another pen in a magic inkwell, but this inkwell was cursed. The wizard found that, with this pen, he could not draw or write anything correctly. Even other kender laughed at the maps made with this pen.

How it Works: The Set Of Mapmaking Pens allows a kender to make maps or forge documents perfectly, if they choose the correct quill. If they choose the wrong quill, the pen curses everything the kender makes with it. The ink bottle that comes with the set is a Magic Bottle Of Speedwriting, which allows the kender to make his or her maps at three times the speed. If used with the blessed pen, a kender can make a perfect map in under two hours.

The Sharp and Pointy Marble of Magical Imbunement
donated by Jarl Tenderfoot

it is a worn down , dull and not very shiny marble with nothing to prick some one with

History: It was made by a small town boy just trying to figure out the meaning of life. His small brain collapsed on itself when he came to the right conclusion, and his brain fell out of his right ear. no- one knows why this made the item do what it doesn, but I suppose you could figure it out if you try thinking of the meaning of life.

How it Works: Upon picking up the Sharp and Pointy Marble of Magical Inbunement, you are pricked by a magialy invisible point that decides to put it'eft on the marble where ever it should be in order to prick you. Any non-magic user pricked by the marble istantly gains the spell- like ability to freely use mage Hand, and Pestdiigitation.

Thimble of Protection
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

The Thimble of Protection looks like a thimble made of brown leather. It appears to have a bit of red on it from the blood of a hapless user. It's also studded at the bottom with little iron circles.

History: The Thimble of Protection was made in conjunction with the Needle of Escape. Fornas Kendermage, that (dis)reputable mage, made the thimble when he found that his Needle of Escape sometimes didn't help much when a really, really angry lynch mob was on him or when he forgot to prepare a string (See Needle of Escape). So he created something for better protection.

How it Works: The Thimble of Protection, when twisted three times around the thumb, can give the user a limited time of invulnerability. The time limit is very limited, as in you have five minutes to escape or you're a kender with a very stretched neck. It's also a good thimble to use for sewing. When used in conjunction with the Needle of Escape to sew your clothes, the clothes will somehow look a little flashier than usual...

Tweezers Of Dragon NoseSqueezing
donated by cooldilo

They are normal tweezers, the color depends on what kind of dragon the user is going to use it on.(If it is red, the user is most likely going to use it on a red dragon.)

History: When the dragon purge was just beginning, a group of kender and gnomes wondered what would happen if they could use some tweezers to squeeze a dragons nose. It took about twenty years, but the gnomes have finally finished the production of this item and are know, with the help of a few kender, producing them in any city where kenders roam.

How it Works: Well it renders the user invisible all dragons. When close enough to a dragon, they automatically reach out and squeeze the dragons nose, some tweezers have an added magical stone that says "meep meep" everytime it is used. After about ten seconds, if the user is still alive, the tweezers teleport him/her/it back to the inside of Mt. Nevermind. Of course all of the dragon overlords have become infuriated with this item and have issued an international ban on the marketting of these items. Malys has sent a formal letter saying that she has suffered severe noise bleeds from the constant use of this item on her nose, she is now sueing the creators of this items.

Wooden Leg of Jumping
donated by Bluto Blutarskiwoodenleg

It looks like a normal wooden leg, but when attached to it's owners stump it becomes 3" shorter that the other leg.

History: It was found by some unlucky pirate who lost it while standing next to a very curious kender Bluto Blutarskiwoodenleg.

How it Works: When used in walking, the owner has the ability to jump up to 5' heigh at will. Twice a day the owner can jump up to 50'.

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