Annoying Penguins
donated by Trillia

A samll red wooden penguin, reasonably carved and quite pretty but really nothing special.

History: It was made by a kender mage called Confused Tangleknot, for no apparent reason other than to annoy other kender (we suspect it may have been originally intended as a bad joke). By it's nature it tends to multiply, so you or anyone else could end up with one from anywhere. You'll find them wherever other kender have been. (I got infected with this in a campaign once and it's really annoying)

How it Works: If you take this penguin out of your pouch, you then have a 1/2 chance of getting another penguin instead of any other random iten for the next d8 rounds. This is especially annoying in battle, as eventually you run out of uses for red wooden penguins. If any other kender picks one up after you have discarded it, their pouches become infected, too. You can't get rid of them until the end of the adventure.

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