Hands of Melting
donated by unknown

The Hands of Melting look just like two hand clasped together by handcord (ancient times handcuffs) and are made of a pewter looking metal. They are on a binding on a spellbook.

History: These hands were made by a mage who accidentally lost his spellbook and then blamed me for STEALING, of all the things I would do I would never steal. I might look at something for a while but steal? Never.

How it Works: The mage made these and put them on his spellbook so he could keep me from looking at it. I couldn't help myself so I did anyhow and found out they magically teleport your hand from the book and inside your shoes. I had a heck of a time getting my hands back out because my shoes were still on my feet at the time. I thought it rather rude but a traveling companion (Elf) said it was a great security device, it only made me more interested.

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