rope of Paladine
donated by Tarnic Quicksilver 'of course'

This is my pride nd joy, Fizban himself gave me this, Tarnic Quicksilver Kender handler extrodinare (lvl 12). It's a rope about 10ft long and platinum colored.

History: Fizban told me that once an elven bard was alowed to cut Paladine's mane. He had magic sissors, of course other wise how do you cut a god's hair? After he was done he colected up the trimmed off hair and took it to a dwarven ropemaker who wove it into a rope.

How it Works: Well, it's about ten foot long, unless you want it to be longer, then it can be up to 500 feet long. It grows and shrinks as you want it to, isn't that soo cool? when you throw it it can grow and shrink in midflight and it wraps itself around things and ties and unties on command. It can't be cut or broken, my friend Vlad deBastard has tried to hit it with his vorpal sword and his sword of sharpness and nothing. Even that dragon couldn't burn it. And it makes me stronger, when I use it my strength is treated as if it were 3 points higher.

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