The Light of the North Star
donated by Tanil Half-Elven son of Tanis Half-Elven

What does it look like? Hmm, it's tough to describe, well, It looks like a ornate glass Vile with an ornate glass stopper, with a little bit of water inside. But when it's used it, gives off a special kind of light.

History: "Who made it?" you ask, I realy don't know. Now you are mumbling something like "How did he find it?" Well, I was walking though a forest, It was a realy stange one, there were all kind's of monsters & not one of them saw me, one even walked right though me, when all of a sudden this bright light shone down on me, A man in a white hat, & robe, said to me, Here young one, you will need this on your journy ahead, & then he told me the secret of the vile, & warned me never to tell anyone how it worked, or it would work for me no longer, after this I was puzzled, what path could he mean? Well I keept on walking, & I found a cave... but that's another story.

How it Works: What does it do? Well it shead's intence starlight light, when used, Elves & Half-elves can see even further (2x) with their infravision, (not including Drow) It actualy let's them use it in it's light, Dwarves, can see father too (1 1/2x), It also uses a persons will power, (role 4D4 for this score, & then role 4d5 for a check) to dispell magic, It takes a normal check for small powered magics, a double check (multiply the checked number by two) for medium powered magics, & a triple check for powerful magics, But up to for people may link up & add their will together for any of the powers. How does it work? Sorrly but that's a secret.

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