The All Kender Pouch Network
donated by Shivam Bhatt

The all Kender Pouch Network is more than just a simple magical item. It is a network connecting Kender Pouches across the multiverse to a repository of random items, magical and not, deposited on a demiplane made for this purpose. Any Kender with access to the AKPN has a small pouch which serves as a link. This pouch can be any shape or size.

History: The All Kender Pouch Network arose after the great Kendermeld during the Age of Might, when a particularly gifted Half Kender Sorceror (hiding from both Istar and the Towers of High Sorcery) by the name of Taksan Pinkerton stumbled across a discontinuity in the River of Time. This occured when he tried to use a Gnomish Oil-powered Water Finder in the Khur deserts near what used to be Balifor. Apparantly, the waterfinder reacted with the strong resident magical energies in this place, allowing Taksan to enter into a storage space. This space fascinated the kender in Taksan, for it seemed that it could be accessed from many different ports at once. Taking advantage of this, Taksan sealed the demiplane off, created a large number of pouch ports that could access this zone, and handed one to every kender he could find.

How it Works: The AKPN is a storage zone. If a kender puts something into an access pouch, rather than staying in his pocket, the item falls into the storage zone. When the kender tries to retrieve something from the pouch, he accesses a random item from the storage zone. No animate objects may be placed in the access pouch. This magical network has some 750 access pouches scattered all over krynn. The summer of chaos temporarily shut down the main server demiplane, but due to the hard work of Fifth Age Kender Sorcerors, Access was returned in thirty years. Due to the great age of this network, it is likely that some rare ancient magical items might be found there randomly.

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