The Mirror of Taunting
donated by Kipper Snifferdoo

This hand mirror was endowed with a strange magical nature.

History: When a kender looks into it he or she finds that they look stunningly beautiful, but if anyone else looks into it they become insulted with the refection of themselves. Their image is warped and they tend to look rather disgusting and bordering on putrid. A saving throw vs. spell must be made when a non-kender looks into the mirror. If the make the saving throw they are only irritated and repulsed by the image. If they fail the saving throw they will attack the person is holding the mirror or that gave them the mirror (this is usually a kender that wants to show his friend the incredible magical mirror he just found. If they are the one to find it and they fail the saving throw they will try to destroy the mirror. It saves as a metal with a + 3 bonus, and if it is successfully destroyed the pieces will come back together with in the next 24 hours and it will be whole again.

How it Works: The affected person will attack the mirror wielder for 1d10 rounds, with a -2 penalty to hit and a +2 penalty to his Armor Class because of the affected beings irrationality.

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