Mirror of Fantisos
donated by Tobigera

It's a small handmirror that has a silver handle and has many shiny, multi- colored gems embedded in it.

History: The Kender, Thistleknott Fastfingers, is always telling me about this item (usually at the moment I least care to hear it) He says that he found it when he traveled to another world. It is a special mirror blessed by one of the gods from that world, Fantisos Lord of Dreams.

How it Works: The mirror will show you what you really are in the reflection. If you are greedy, you'll see yourself surrounded by wealth. If you are lustfull, well, I won't go there. Note, this is an effective weapon against demons and is the only thing that can be used against the ONI (see ONI selection in KC Creature List). Such creatures are so evil, that the reflection they see in this mirror actually causes them physical harm.

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