Alicar's Magic Candy
donated by Humphrey Dragonsnot

It appears to be normal hard candy, wrapped in a thin foil.

History: It was made centuries ago by a bored kender wizard. He wanted something different to eat besides his regular fare. So he got some sugar and was about to cast some neat-o spells on it when a bird flew in his face and disrupted him. Several magic potions fell on the sugar and a great explosion occured. It is unknown what became of the wizard, but in the remains of his house an iron box filled with delicous candies was found.

How it Works: Each candy gives a random effect to its eater. Effects last 1d6 days unless otherwise stated. (Effects and consequences of candy should be made up by DM)

Apple of Taste
donated by Fizban

It looks like a normal apple, except its golden

History: I was walking around on my wanderlust, (it was really exciting and... ok...) when I saw this great looking apple farm. I was going there to talk to the farmer, to ask him how did he grow such beatiful apples. When I was going to talk to him, he shouted: "Give my apple back!" I didn't know what he was talking about, but I ran away. Then I stopped to sort my pouches and noticed I had an apple from the farm. (It must have dropped to my pouch.)

How it Works: When you eat it, you can wish what it tastes like. If say orange it tastes like orange. When you eat a part of it, the part grows back.

donated by Tobigera

They are small, round, multi-colored, breath-freshening candies.

History: It was made by the somewhat insane sorcerer Xelios Aramak. He made it for his practical joke war with the kender of our party, Thistleknott Fastfingers, which is getting on our nerves now.

How it Works: When you place one of these mints in your mouth, you will become completely astonished by everything you see.

Bubble Gum of Wonder
donated by McJames ThistleTwister

This is a small pouch of some as yet unknown material, with words on the front. They are in common,and say Bubble Gum. There is some smaller writing too, but I have never bothered to read them.
Anyway, inside this packet there are theses little pieces of some rubbery material that tastes nice when you chew it. Also, with a bit of practice you can blow bubbles with it.
There are several different colours in there, and every time I take one out another appears in its place. Wierd huh???

History: Well. I descovered it when I was on a Dragonslaying mission in the Khalkist mountains. I was looking for a place to sleep, when I found a cave. So I went in. It was sooooo dark and creepy. I loved it!!! You should go see it, I have it map right here! Nope sorry, can't find it now. Hmmm. Maybe I left it in Neraka. I did have to leave thee pretty fast. Gee was that fun though. You wanna hear that story? Oh. Guess not. Anyway. There I was walking down this tunnel, when I heard a loud rumbling noise. Of course, I was interested, so I sneaked in for a closer look. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when I saw a ginormous black dragon, which appeared to be asleep. Well. I thought "Gee McJames. You've struck gold this time" Well, at that, the dragon awoke with a start.
"Who are you?" he bellowed. I thought my ears would pop! I replied in my bravest voice, "McJames ThistleTwister, renowned Kender DragonSlayer" I saw he recognised me, and I put on my fiercest stare. The dragon backed off, and looked nervously towards the entrances. "ThistleTwister you say?" it asked in it's deep rumbly voice. Clearly it had heard of me. I took a step forward, brandishing my magic wand of "blood to toffee" (another great magic item I might tell you about someday. Well, the Dragon had some magic of his own. As the bolt from my wand reached out for it, he threw a large globe of something that lookoed like the top of those fairy cacks, with the little bits of coloured candy on them. When our bolts met, there was a huge explosion. It blew the top off the mountain!! I was thrown several feet up in the air, and then landed in a puddle of something sticky. It seemed that the dragon had been turned into something icky. As I was getting up, my hand rested on something, and I picked it up to examine it. And it was my magic bubblegum! And that's how I got it, and how it was made :D

How it Works: Near as I can see, each colour piece does a different thing. I only know what a few of them do, as the colours change all the time. I never know what I'm going to get. Her's what I do know.

To use, just chew it for a coupla minutes, then blow a big bubble. Most of the time you need to get inside the bubble.

Blue - a bubble blown from this lets me go underwater for long periods of time when I step into it.
Greeen - whenever I blow this bubble and get inside, I seem to fall asleep, and wake up feeling great a few hours later. Must be some kind of healing bubble.
Red - when I am inside this bubble I can go through fire without getting burned.
yello - when I am in this bubble I can see in the dark.
transcluecant - makes me invissable
multicoloured - Spells just seem to bounce off this one.
grey - this one seems to do nothing, but it is easier to mold than the others. I make hammocks out of this one for when I'm tired.
black - this one was real scary, so I don't use it anymore. I saw horrible things inside, and I experienced a strange feeling, like my stomach was empty and I got awfully cold. I don't know what happened, but I am not going in there again.

Well, apart from that I don't know, though when I woke this morning there was a neat looking purple piece that wasn't there before, so going to try it right now.
McJames slowly puts the piece of purple bubblegum in his mouth and chews.
Eww. Tastes icky.
After a couple of minutes he blows a big bubble.
Allright, I'm going in now.
McJames steps in.........
"Ooooohh." The word has a strange echo to it, like it's coming from a cavern or something.
"Wow. That's amazing!!!!! You wouldn't believe what's in here!! It's a" Fzzzzzzt! The purple bubble disapears, McJames ThistleTwister still inside.........

Cheese of Evil Person Friendship!
donated by Nooselnoof Queso


What does it look like?

It looks like your normal everyday cheese! But better!

Who made it? How did you find it?

I made it myself in my secret lab! And don't ask me where it is casue i'm not telling!

How it Works:
What does it do? How does it work?

Ever met an evil person that does not like you? This cheese is will solve the problem! It even works on the Dark Queen! I did it myself! We are really good friends now. I go over for tea every thursday, the abyss is not as exciting as you would think...but i'll tell you this, they make a gosh darn good cup o' tea there.

Earth Elementalists Carrot
donated by Frank Desmond

Its a large droopy carrot. It appears as if its been lying around for some time, its orange, droopy looking, and a bit dingy and dirty.

History: Made by Ishcaru a delicate cook and secondary Elementalist mage on the planes of Food Network. It was accidently "borrowed" by Theadore Alawicious Trapslapper when he wandered into Ishcaru's kitchen. When asked how he procurred the item he said without fail "That mad guy inside threw it at me. Funny all I did was tell him his Hollandaise sauce needed salt and that I've tasted better soup made by a gully dwarf."

How it Works: When wielded it gives the user the ability to cast Elemental swarm(earth plane) as a lvl 12 caster. If eaten in a soup, it imbues the consumer with the spell Endure Elements for 24 hours (resist Fire).

Garblemock candy
donated by Gregory Spillbow Hornfiller

It looks like a melted candy cane that has been shaped into a rough ball. It fits nicely into my mouth in one bite :)

History: I bought it at the candy shope in Corymb. It looked yummy.

How it Works: It tastes good, like butterscotch, but I always get the urge to get rid of one of my pouch items, bad candy. I hate it when I want to get rid of my stuff, cause I think its really cool, like this one little piece of glass....

Hard Candy of Knowledge
donated by Pyro Fleetfoot

It looks like a small bag that has pieces of cubical candy. The bag says "The Candy of Mages" and has a small rune below that saying.

History: Um, I don't know where it's from, but I know that it was made using sugar and secret spells.

How it Works: It lets the thing that is eating it to have knowledge of what the eater desperately wants to know. The time that the eater knows this information depends on the information and the DM/Narrator. However, if the candy lets the eater know what something is, the eater knows this for the rest of his/her life. (excluding magic spells) It regenerates pieces at 1 per day. There can only be 22 pieces in the bag at once. If you take a piece out of the bag and do not put it in your mouth or back in the bag, it melts, leaving a sticky mess.

Kender Surprise
donated by Thistleprick Bookbinder

What does it look like? It's an egg shape wrapped in colourful paper.(the paper itself is entertaning enough)When the paper is peeled back it revels a milk chocolate egg!

History: Who made it? How did you find it? I don't know who made it, though I suspect gnomes. I just bought a box of them one day at a general store for two silver.

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work? Besides being a rather yummy treat it has a package in the middle containing a gnomish toy. It is opperated by
1. eating the chocolate shell
2. opening the package
3. finding the pieces to the toy
4. putting it together(that's fun)
5. playing with the toy

Mikes Magic Marshmallow
donated by Topknot Thistleswitch

Mikes Magic Marshmallow looks like smells like and tastes like a regular orange marshmallow.

History: It is believed that during the cataclysm mikes, bobs, ralphs, joes, and barts magic marshmallows rained down from the sky to different cities of krynn and since they were created they have been found throwout the world.

How it Works: These magic marshmallows can be thrown great distances(1,000 yards). and be hit for 1d20+4 damage.

Mushroom of Rage
donated by Peregrin Lighttongue

This mushroom is bright red, with yellow spots all over the cap. It can get to the size of a human male's hand sometimes, but more often it's the size of a large mouse.

History: To explain how it was made would involve an intense study into the nature of fungi and their reproductive systems, but that's boring. Suffice to say you find them in the woods or in a goblin's stew (or Gully Dwarf's for that matter).

How it Works: Just about anyone who eats one will go into a blind rage, running around and destroying anything in their way. I saw a gully dwarf eat a pouchful of these, and he went on a rampage for a week before he finally passed out. However, these do not, I repeat, DO NOT work on kender. I tried one once, and I merely slumbered for two days. So apparently it puts us kender folk to sleep. But don't give it to anyone else!

Pixie Stick
donated by Tobigera

Ever see a pixie stick? It's a small straw with flavored sugar inside.

History: It was given to a kender by the name of Thistleknot Fastfingers by the sorceror Xellios Aramak (nick- named the "Trickster Magician") as a practical joke. It is a pixie stick filled with actual pixie dust.

How it Works: It will do a specific type of magical action based on its color. Nothing deadly, mind you (unless you eat it all in one bite), just enough for an unpleasant surprise. Red is fire, like eating a bit of salsa. Blue is ice, gives you brain-freeze. Yellow is lightning, feels like static shock. Purple is a temperary love spell, lasts for a duration of one day. Green is a temperary polymorph, lasts for a duration of one day.

Saltwater Taffy from the Abyss
donated by Hannah HalfHaven

Well, it come in this small silver pot. It is a tan color I think but that could just be road dust that's settled on it so I'm not sure.

History: This really nice gnome called Gnarble made it for me at Mount Nevermind! He said it tastes really good but he warned me not to eat it because of it's neat-o powers!

How it Works: When you chew it it expands and expands until it covers you and then it eats you! Isn't that neat!!!! What's really fun is to wrapped it around someones wrists! It acts like shackles and won't let them get away, unfortunaty some people lose hands in the process.

Super duper Sticky Toffee
donated by Pockets

Looks like ordinary toffee.

History: It is made of some sort of magical toffee and comes from humans to shut a kender up

How it Works: When givin to a kender the kender will immediately want to eat it so they chew. Only one problem, as soon as the toffee is in the kender's mouth it keeps it shut. The toffe is so sticky it keeps the kender from talking because it is stickingg thetop and the bottom part of the mouth together. Can last up to 2 days but does not starve the kender because of the magical components

Suprise Bread
donated by Anton


History: A kender did it for just fun.

How it Works: Explodes on your face, if you try to take a bite.

Tightfist's Magic mushrooms
donated by Tightfist BurrFoot

They are grayish green. with little brown spots. they are about 6 Cms. long.

History: I got them from my uncle tasslholff, and he got them from a gnome in mount. nevemind who got them from... ahhww! ill tell you later. anyway i was in a cave. it was dark and and creepy! i loved it! well...anyway i really wanted to see my uncle and i was sitting there and i was hungry so i ate a mushroom and i was thinking about my uncle and i closed my eyes and when i opened them i was with my uncle!... and a couple of angry bugbears!

How it Works: it transports you to a person you think about while eating them once a week there are 4 of them per sack. there are 4 sacks in the world

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