Mushroom of Rage
donated by Peregrin Lighttongue

This mushroom is bright red, with yellow spots all over the cap. It can get to the size of a human male's hand sometimes, but more often it's the size of a large mouse.

History: To explain how it was made would involve an intense study into the nature of fungi and their reproductive systems, but that's boring. Suffice to say you find them in the woods or in a goblin's stew (or Gully Dwarf's for that matter).

How it Works: Just about anyone who eats one will go into a blind rage, running around and destroying anything in their way. I saw a gully dwarf eat a pouchful of these, and he went on a rampage for a week before he finally passed out. However, these do not, I repeat, DO NOT work on kender. I tried one once, and I merely slumbered for two days. So apparently it puts us kender folk to sleep. But don't give it to anyone else!

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