Earth Elementalists Carrot
donated by Frank Desmond

Its a large droopy carrot. It appears as if its been lying around for some time, its orange, droopy looking, and a bit dingy and dirty.

History: Made by Ishcaru a delicate cook and secondary Elementalist mage on the planes of Food Network. It was accidently "borrowed" by Theadore Alawicious Trapslapper when he wandered into Ishcaru's kitchen. When asked how he procurred the item he said without fail "That mad guy inside threw it at me. Funny all I did was tell him his Hollandaise sauce needed salt and that I've tasted better soup made by a gully dwarf."

How it Works: When wielded it gives the user the ability to cast Elemental swarm(earth plane) as a lvl 12 caster. If eaten in a soup, it imbues the consumer with the spell Endure Elements for 24 hours (resist Fire).

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