Pixie Stick
donated by Tobigera

Ever see a pixie stick? It's a small straw with flavored sugar inside.

History: It was given to a kender by the name of Thistleknot Fastfingers by the sorceror Xellios Aramak (nick- named the "Trickster Magician") as a practical joke. It is a pixie stick filled with actual pixie dust.

How it Works: It will do a specific type of magical action based on its color. Nothing deadly, mind you (unless you eat it all in one bite), just enough for an unpleasant surprise. Red is fire, like eating a bit of salsa. Blue is ice, gives you brain-freeze. Yellow is lightning, feels like static shock. Purple is a temperary love spell, lasts for a duration of one day. Green is a temperary polymorph, lasts for a duration of one day.

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