Bubble Gum of Wonder
donated by McJames ThistleTwister

This is a small pouch of some as yet unknown material, with words on the front. They are in common,and say Bubble Gum. There is some smaller writing too, but I have never bothered to read them.
Anyway, inside this packet there are theses little pieces of some rubbery material that tastes nice when you chew it. Also, with a bit of practice you can blow bubbles with it.
There are several different colours in there, and every time I take one out another appears in its place. Wierd huh???

History: Well. I descovered it when I was on a Dragonslaying mission in the Khalkist mountains. I was looking for a place to sleep, when I found a cave. So I went in. It was sooooo dark and creepy. I loved it!!! You should go see it, I have it map right here! Nope sorry, can't find it now. Hmmm. Maybe I left it in Neraka. I did have to leave thee pretty fast. Gee was that fun though. You wanna hear that story? Oh. Guess not. Anyway. There I was walking down this tunnel, when I heard a loud rumbling noise. Of course, I was interested, so I sneaked in for a closer look. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when I saw a ginormous black dragon, which appeared to be asleep. Well. I thought "Gee McJames. You've struck gold this time" Well, at that, the dragon awoke with a start.
"Who are you?" he bellowed. I thought my ears would pop! I replied in my bravest voice, "McJames ThistleTwister, renowned Kender DragonSlayer" I saw he recognised me, and I put on my fiercest stare. The dragon backed off, and looked nervously towards the entrances. "ThistleTwister you say?" it asked in it's deep rumbly voice. Clearly it had heard of me. I took a step forward, brandishing my magic wand of "blood to toffee" (another great magic item I might tell you about someday. Well, the Dragon had some magic of his own. As the bolt from my wand reached out for it, he threw a large globe of something that lookoed like the top of those fairy cacks, with the little bits of coloured candy on them. When our bolts met, there was a huge explosion. It blew the top off the mountain!! I was thrown several feet up in the air, and then landed in a puddle of something sticky. It seemed that the dragon had been turned into something icky. As I was getting up, my hand rested on something, and I picked it up to examine it. And it was my magic bubblegum! And that's how I got it, and how it was made :D

How it Works: Near as I can see, each colour piece does a different thing. I only know what a few of them do, as the colours change all the time. I never know what I'm going to get. Her's what I do know.

To use, just chew it for a coupla minutes, then blow a big bubble. Most of the time you need to get inside the bubble.

Blue - a bubble blown from this lets me go underwater for long periods of time when I step into it.
Greeen - whenever I blow this bubble and get inside, I seem to fall asleep, and wake up feeling great a few hours later. Must be some kind of healing bubble.
Red - when I am inside this bubble I can go through fire without getting burned.
yello - when I am in this bubble I can see in the dark.
transcluecant - makes me invissable
multicoloured - Spells just seem to bounce off this one.
grey - this one seems to do nothing, but it is easier to mold than the others. I make hammocks out of this one for when I'm tired.
black - this one was real scary, so I don't use it anymore. I saw horrible things inside, and I experienced a strange feeling, like my stomach was empty and I got awfully cold. I don't know what happened, but I am not going in there again.

Well, apart from that I don't know, though when I woke this morning there was a neat looking purple piece that wasn't there before, so going to try it right now.
McJames slowly puts the piece of purple bubblegum in his mouth and chews.
Eww. Tastes icky.
After a couple of minutes he blows a big bubble.
Allright, I'm going in now.
McJames steps in.........
"Ooooohh." The word has a strange echo to it, like it's coming from a cavern or something.
"Wow. That's amazing!!!!! You wouldn't believe what's in here!! It's a" Fzzzzzzt! The purple bubble disapears, McJames ThistleTwister still inside.........

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