Tightfist's Magic mushrooms
donated by Tightfist BurrFoot

They are grayish green. with little brown spots. they are about 6 Cms. long.

History: I got them from my uncle tasslholff, and he got them from a gnome in mount. nevemind who got them from... ahhww! ill tell you later. anyway i was in a cave. it was dark and and creepy! i loved it! well...anyway i really wanted to see my uncle and i was sitting there and i was hungry so i ate a mushroom and i was thinking about my uncle and i closed my eyes and when i opened them i was with my uncle!... and a couple of angry bugbears!

How it Works: it transports you to a person you think about while eating them once a week there are 4 of them per sack. there are 4 sacks in the world

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