Kerioff's Hat of Neverending Daisies
donated by Kerioff Thistlesilk

It's a bright green hat, yellow daisy (black-eyed susan) stuck in the brim. The daisy appears very fresh, as if picked a minute ago. The hat itself is battered and floppy. Kerioff can't figure out if the hat itself is magical or it it's the daisy.

History: Hmm.. let me see. It was around my fourth quest, I think. I had been wandering around in the mountains Solace, waiting for Ayse to finish her business in Haven,and I ran into another kender. We shook hands, traded our maps somewhat (he had a lovely one of the Palanthan sewers..)and he gave me a daisy from his hat, because he said it was the polite thing to do. Imagine that! A polite kender! Well, anyway, I admired his hat, too, just as we were leaving. It was such a nice hat, too. When I found it (he must have dropped it on the path...) it was kind of battered, but it was still nice, so I stuck the daisy back in the brim. Now I make sure to give everyone I meet a daisy, because it's the polite thing to do. Maybe I'll give him the hat back some day, if I ever find him. After all, I only borrowed it.

How it Works: I'm not sure if the daisy's magical or if it's the hat, or a combination of both. Anyways, the daisies seem to inspire friendship and cheerfulness, more so in kender than any other race. (That grumpy centaur wouldn't take one..) The daisies from Kerioff's Hat never wilt, but do take wear and tear.

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