The Kender Cap of Oppish Speaking
donated by Spoonhanger Kickbottom

This purple cap will fit no head except a kender's head (yes, even with the topknot.) While the kender has on this amazing cap, he can speak and understand oppish with incredible fluency.

History: ?????

How it Works: Now you're probably asking "What the Gully Dwarf's armpit is oppish?" well, I'll be more than happy to tell you. Oppish is a language derived from common (or english, if you know what I mean.) Actually, the only differance between Oppish and English (or common, as the case maybe) is that whenever there is a vowel sound in english, andd an additional OPP in front of it. Thus, "put down your rapier, warrior!" becomes "Popput doppown yoppour roppapoppiopper, wopparroppioppor!" The obvious and only disadvantage to this is that nobody understands oppish.

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