Airheaded hAIRband
donated by Felldown Flatface

A regular hairband, that changes colours magically with the kender's personality. When found, there is a 5% chance that it will still be the colour of the previous owner's last personality. Only kender can cause the other magic to be released.

History: While spending the camp with a mage-friend of mine (I actually don't know who he is, but he sure was nice for letting me borrow some money. Left behind some scrolls though- so careless!) I noticed that he had a small band in his hand. He said it was made of "eelastik" and stretched very far. How neat! When he was sleeping, I took a peek at it, and it changed colours! Then I guess I put it in my hair and left with it.

How it Works: When I think about flying, I feel a real sharp pull on my topknot, and then I am magically lifted into the air. If I concentrate very hard on an animal, I can "polymorph" into that animal for 4D20 hours.

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