Mask of the Bouncy Bunny
donated by Soren Gillaspy

It looks like the face of a white bunny with holes for eyes.

History: This mask was made in the White Tower of Wizardry on the 22 of March by Jinjo Gringo, a new wizard, on request of Badger Burrfoot, great great grandson of Tass Burrfoot. He also made a multi colored flower and a purple glass ball and... Oh, you want to know about the mask, well, I'm getting there, it made Bader able to run 3 times his normal speed and jump 3 times his height, it also made a second cousin twice removed's, roomate's, brother's, dog's, best friend's, owner's, neihbor's, dad run 4 times his normal speed and 4 times his height. It was made by taking a bunny's hair, on a full moon, and weaving it into a bunny shaped mask.

How it Works: It makes a kender go and jump 3 times his speed and height, an elf 4 times, and a human 2 times.

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