The Kender Dragon-Hat of Fire
donated by Kenya Goodfellow

The hat is red in color and covered in Red Dragon skin.

History: I found this hat when exploring through a cave in the mountains. After defeating 5 hobgoblins I had to face the keeper of the hat, it was a Adult Male Red Dragon. After slaying him I saw a giant marble table with the hat laying on it.

How it Works: The magical powers of the hat is it allows the kender to use the breath weapon of a Red Dragon half the level of the kender(so a 10th level kender using the breath weapon ability of the hat does damage of a 5th level red dragon, 10d10+5). This ability can only be used 1 time a day. The hat also makes the wearer immune to all types of fire, magical and normal. The only curse of this hat is it causes the wearers' eyes to turn to a dark red color.

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