Hair band of protection from bad hygene
donated by Pockets

It looks like a normal black head band, with red and white swirls.

History: Even I the Great Pockets Master Thief wasn't allways this good. I was once learning to become a thief and on my first adventure, I was just like a kender in a magic shop. "whats this trip wire in the middle of path do, TWAAANG!!!", "who knew Orcs had such bad breath!", "Yah well the fighters in our party can take any stinky old dragon". It's true I made a few bad calls, But I meant well. Being part of a party is the nick names, Of course I was "The Smelly One" till we got the gully dwarf, But that does not come into this tale. Aside from all of that I also had to get the wood and the provisions. One day in the town square, (Where the General store was located) I had been sent to pick up a few groceries. There stood a human at a counter screaming at a kender to stop playing with everything (notice how I have a kender in all me tales even when they play no part in the plot. If not for that last bit of self control, I to would have been playing with everything in sight. I guessed that the kender had gotten something to. (for the main fact that the shop keeper said, "kender your package is ready, and yours #2) At that point I wished I was #2. Wait I was number two. I approached the counter and gathered my package. On my way back I got hungry so I opened it for a snack, Ack this wasn't my imported jar of honey. It appeared to be a head band, It looked neat black with red and white swirls on it. I placed it atop my head. Just then I approached the camp when I walked into the party they all were marveled at how well I smelt. After that I was no longer the smelly one, they either were going to throw me out of the part or replace me with some one smelly, I believe you know the rest with the gully dwarf. After that I began to serve my purpose in the party.

How it Works: It protects you from getting dirty and smelly. (which is bad, believe me)

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