Crazy Old Coot Pointy Hat
donated by Dracon Lockpicker

This hat is a purple hat with pink stripes and silvery glitters. Anyone who sees it is drawn towards it because of it's magical properties. This hat, if using the second edition Dungeons and Dragons rules, has a charisma equal to 24.

History: This hat was created when a mage of some sorts, who'd gone mildly insane from a spell of sorts, accidently saved a genie of high power. He wished for his hat to be the most beautiful hat that would draw womans attention, his second wish was for it to sparkle with magic, and his third wish was for it to be just about as powerful as the genie who was saved, thus ending in the hat.

How it Works: The hat makes the wearer more charismatic and strong, and in the hands of a kendermage, makes it so that the kender casts spells of greater power than he/she is capable.

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