Cap of Tall Tales
donated by Orionthalas Tarrasqueslayer

A black and yellow 3-pointed hat with the feather of a goatsucker bird stuck into the side (resembles the hat worm by Robin Hood)

History: A mage, for some reason, was fascinated by kender. He devoted his whole life to studying all the aspects of Kender life. When he was still a young man he realized that the only way to understand a kender was to become one. The day he created this cap is known among dwarves as, "The Day Reorx Cried in Madness".

How it Works: Anyone can wear this cap which is what makes it truly dangerous. The Cap of Tall Tales (also known as Reorxs' Nightmare) gives the wearer the mind of a Kender! The change, however, is gradual and the first signs of kenderism include telling tall tales (hence the name), and inability to concentrate on any one thing for too long. The wearer will NOT turn into a kender however. He/she will retain their looks, their mind will simply be replaced by the mind of a kender. The up side of this magical item is that after a certain amount of time the wearer will remove the cap to look at it (because that's what a kender would do) and the spell will be broken. The wearer retains all the knowledge of what he has done and is generally VERY remorseful towards his companions for quite some time.

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