The Cap of Mercelayne Ishkahbahaugh
donated by Juniper Berrybane

It's an old looking messanger cap, with a removable lining.

History: Well, the cap originally belonged to a girl named Mercelayne Ishkahbahaugh, but she gave it to me because Mercelayne Ishkahbahaugh is just her river (secret) name. Her usual name is Juniper Berry, and she thought it was neat that are names were so close and the liked the fact that I liked it so she just put it on my head (I swear there's some kender in that girl, she ever looks like me and was...am I rambling? sorry). Anyway, Juniper got the cap from her mother Mearceklear Ishkahbahaugh, who was a powerful wizardess,but she dissapeared when Mercelayne was 7. The cap was one of Merceklear's last presents to her daughter.

How it Works: You put the cap on your head and it will cause whatever you want most to happen. But it only works 1 in 2 times, and it usally cuts stuff a little short.

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