Habbakuk's Plume
donated by Skip Furrfoot

The plumed feather hat of the Blue Phoenix. It's quite a large hat, easily being seen above crowds and the like wherever it goes. The hat is made of a blue velvet, with a fiery orange band around the hat. A large, red, blue, and plumed feather sticks out of the band that encircles the hat, making it quite an eyecatcher. The feather is a fiery red, with streaks of blue in it as well. The very tip of it is a blue- violet colour, with a ruby splotch at the end as well, in the shape of a diamond. Prized as a very pretty and interesting hat, amongst kender at least, it usually will go for at least two chickens, three goatsucker bird feathers, and the head of a cockatrice to make good on any effort to trade for the plumed feather hat. Well, that's what Tripper Burrfoot said..I'd tend to believe otherwise.

History: This particular piece of headwear has far from mysterious origins. It's simple..it was made in a shop! Here's the shocker; by an elf! Well, that's the long and short of the hat creation, but the real thing here is the feather. ~*That*~ is the real deal behind the Plumed Feather Hat of the Blue Phoenix. Where did the feather come from you say? Well, a phoenix, obviously! Duh! Quite a rarity, but it happened. The feather itself was taken from the great Blue Phoenix itself, according to myth and lore, although some of the locals around Lemon and Hylo say that someone just dyed the feather fiery orange and blue, let it dry, and that was that. Somewhere the true story lies..

How it Works: What does this all do? Well, the hat gives the wearer +3 to Charisma whenever he or she wears it. That's one benefit of having such a delightfully kender-like hat! The feather has many mystical powers, however. One of which that it is known for would be returning the dead to life. It performs this spell of Resurrection as a 20th level priest, and be made use of once per every five years. It also can cast Cure Light Wounds three times per day, alongside Light, the same amount of times per day. The last greater ability of the phoenix feather would be to cast Heal, which may be used once per week. These spells are not able to be reversed. Cure Light Wounds - 3X/day Light - 3X/day Heal - 1X/week Resurrection - 1X/5 years

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