Crysta's Lucky Coin
donated by Crysta Cointosser

This is a gold coin about one and a half inches in diameter. One one side (tails) is a picture of a dragon, and on the other (heads) is a picture of a race's head in profile. This race changes depending on the current owner of the coin.

History: Well, as a lot of my friends know, I have trouble making decisions. So I keep this coin with me all the time to help me out. For instance, I was out exploring this place near Silvanost one time, and I found a fork in the road. I couldn't decide which one to go down, so I said "Right or left?" to nobody in particular, and flipped it. I got tails, so I went down the left path. I ran into a dryad, who was really interesting, and very helpful too. She told me that if I had gone down the right path, I would have met a bunch of really nasty trolls. Of course, sometimes it doesn't really work...another time I was traveling with a few friends, and we saw a group of hobgoblins heading our way. I flipped my coin to see if we should run away or fight them, and I got heads, so we ran away. Well, it turns out that they hadn't noticed us until we started moving, so they chased us and killed two of my friends. *sniffle*

How it Works: The coin cannot handle more than two choices. When its owner flips it after stating the two choices, it will usually tell which course of action would be the best for the character. It has a 1 in 4 chance of giving a false answer. It may be used by any race. If lost, it will return to the owner within 24 hours, providing the owner is within its range, which is 1d3 miles.

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