Coin Of Awe
donated by Dracon Lockpicker

It looks like a regular coin used by people before the chaos war.

History: This coin was made in a smithy, where a rogue dwarven smith stole a magically enchanted hammer to flaten the metal with. The coin turned into a regular coin, with magical properties.

How it Works: The coin improves the strength of the owner (+1), and if used as money to buy something, people treat it as 100 times it's worth.

Coin of Kender Pirhouette
donated by stephen

It's a small, steel coin. On each side is carved a picture of a spinning kender. This coin is not true money, and it can only be used as money if judged by its weight (for example, in places that use hacksilver).

History: The little-known kender handler Diffledoff Plumehair found a coin in his travels. He happened to have quite a bit of money that had already fallen into his pouch, so he scraped the inscriptions off the coin until he was flat. He was an artist of refute, and he took his knife and carved into each side a picture of a spinning kender. He smiled at his work, and then suddenly started to involuntarily spin in circles.

How it Works: It is a cursed item. It had been carved in an area of strong magic, and the mischeivous magic manifested itself in the coin. If the coin is in someone's possession, then as soon as battle or any important physical task begins he'll start spinning uncontrollably, moving at half his normal movement rate, being subject to a saving throw vs. poison (as of the stinking cloud spell--failure results in dizziness), and is totally unable to attack or do much anything useful. He can, however, try to bump into someone as he spins, but he has a -5 penalty to the attack roll when trying this (in addition to any penalties caused by his dizziness). The coin cannot be removed except by a /remove curse/, otherwise it will keep reappearing in the owner's hands.

Coin of Persuasion
donated by Gaffleknot Furrfoot

The Coin of Persuasion appears to be a bright, silver coin, though it is really made of white gold. It has a symbol of an eye on one side and a triangle on the other side.

History: It's origins are unknown, but it appears to have been coined and minted in the Kingdom of Blodehelm, though it may have come from as far as Silvanesti, or even Mithas. No one really knows...

How it Works: The Coin of Persuasion can be used by anyone, regardless of race or ability in magic. The user must have the triangle side facing the victim of persuasion and then flip the coin immediately over to the side with the eye. The victim of persuasion may or may not go into a trance, it depends on his or her magical resistance. The person will now be susceptible to suggestions or "persuasions". For example, the user could "persuade" the victim to dance on one leg while crying like a chicken, or he could "persuade" the person to assassinate a king or some other high authority figure. Then the victim will awake and have no recollection of the "persuasion" trance. The victim will then have to carry out the "persuasion" unless the coin happens to be "borrowed" from possession of the user who "persuaded" the victim in the first place...

Coin of Pouch Invisiblity
donated by Viradus Lightfoot

It's about an inch in diameter, it has a picture of a hoopak on the top and a picture of a pouch on the back.

History: I was adventuring with my friend, an evil dark elf mage, when we came across this shop in a city close to Kendermoore. It had this shop that sold odd coins created especially for the people who buy. We walked in and the short stocky clerk made me a coin. Then we left and my friend enchanted it.

How it Works: It makes the pouch that it is in invisible to all but the pouches wearer.

Coin of the Squeez
donated by Twigit Beachwood

It is a very nice looking tarnished, brass coin around the size of a quarter. On one side is a hoopak and a cat in a cross shape. The other side is a picture of the head of the last person to succeed.

History: It came from a land far to the east of Kendermore (around 3 miles off). Ages Ago (Ages=6 weeks), the Great (-ly unknown) Wizard Toorbacour forged it in the depths of the Mighty Mountain of Mightfulness (aka the Pig's Head Pub).

How it Works: Squeeze the coin for three suns and three moons (you may have 8 hours to sleep and 10 minute hourly breaks), and on the noon of the last day there shall be a great roar mighty enough to scare the greatest dragon. Then the next true master's head shall appear where it will forever be remembered (until the next person squeezes it).

Crysta's Lucky Coin
donated by Crysta Cointosser

This is a gold coin about one and a half inches in diameter. One one side (tails) is a picture of a dragon, and on the other (heads) is a picture of a race's head in profile. This race changes depending on the current owner of the coin.

History: Well, as a lot of my friends know, I have trouble making decisions. So I keep this coin with me all the time to help me out. For instance, I was out exploring this place near Silvanost one time, and I found a fork in the road. I couldn't decide which one to go down, so I said "Right or left?" to nobody in particular, and flipped it. I got tails, so I went down the left path. I ran into a dryad, who was really interesting, and very helpful too. She told me that if I had gone down the right path, I would have met a bunch of really nasty trolls. Of course, sometimes it doesn't really work...another time I was traveling with a few friends, and we saw a group of hobgoblins heading our way. I flipped my coin to see if we should run away or fight them, and I got heads, so we ran away. Well, it turns out that they hadn't noticed us until we started moving, so they chased us and killed two of my friends. *sniffle*

How it Works: The coin cannot handle more than two choices. When its owner flips it after stating the two choices, it will usually tell which course of action would be the best for the character. It has a 1 in 4 chance of giving a false answer. It may be used by any race. If lost, it will return to the owner within 24 hours, providing the owner is within its range, which is 1d3 miles.

Cursed Coin of Kender Voices
donated by Stumbletoe Ropeknotter

The Cursed Coin of Kender Voices appears to be no more than a standard gold piece, and has the face of a kender engraved onto it.

History: A particularly cruel Black Robe decided that the standard methods of torture were not evil enough. Having heard stories of how hideous a bored kender could be, he journeyed to Hylo and kidnapped several residents. After locking them all into a single room, he used spells to record their every word, and then transferred their conversations into the coin. In all the world, there is no torture device as inhumane.

How it Works: When the Coin is placed upon the person of its victim (in a pocket, pouch, backpack, etc.), the poor sod begins to hear the voices of the dozen or so bored kender. This continues until the Coin is removed, or the victim goes completely and irreversibly mad.

Evane's Coin of Transfiguration
donated by Estrikal Thorninbar

A fairly large silver coin with what looks like two globes on the back and a coat of arms on the front.

History: Uncle Tapspringer had a bad run in with a mage and in the end he was teleported away. When he sorted out his pouches he found it and said holy Griffon and boom suddunly he was a griffon. He said holy cow and boom he was a very small cow.

How it Works: It transforms you into any kind of animal that you say when touching it. ( A lot of Fun on fall harvest)

Flip Ya For It Coin
donated by Hidd

It is a rusty gold color with a carving of a spoon, and on the other side, a treasure chest. It is about half an inch in size and on the side are ancient markings.

History: No one knows where it came from, nor how it was made. But all we know is what is called the Baxter's Tale.

It was a long time ago, before my grandpappy, and there were two brothers, Ule Baxter, and Keey Baxter. They loved playing games, and making little bets. So one day, they were hiking down a trail, passing a hackisack two the other only using their knees. Their legs were flailin' and the trail became steeper. And as fate would have it, or stupidity, Ule stumbled, and rolled down the tree covered hill. The leaves were crunching, and Keey was sprinting down after him. Ule soon came to a stop in a tiny river stream, only a foot wide.

Keey reached the shallow valley. He helped his bother up, and Ule brushed off the dead leaves. But a small glimmer caught Keey's eye and he bent down to see what it was. He scooped up the coin, and showed it to his brother. So, they made a wager. If it landed on the side with the spoon, Keey won, if it landed on the other, Ule would win. So Keey rested the coin on his thumb and flipped it high into the air. The coin bounced off a river stone and landed on the side with the spoon...

How it Works: The coin seems to be an ancient game, where the side of the spoon makes a spoon come into the hand of the one who wagered on that side. The treasure chest's side makes the one thing the other man wants most, or the tool to get it.

Kender Coin of Returning
donated by Dara Flor'Tel (c/o Corynna Skylark)

The kender coin of returning is about the size of a silver piece. While certainly made of some sort of metal, it's coloration is mossy green with little gold polka-dots on both faces. The faces have a picture of the platinum dragon on one side and the three moons of magic on the other.

History: Contrary to popular belief, I (Dara) am not so absent-minded as most believe. Indeed, I have a high respect for kender. I also have a high respect for my artificing lab. I designed this coin shortly after Corynna's visit in which some rather valuable items mysteriously vanished.

How it Works: The kender coin of returning is, in some ways I must admit, a bit of a cursed item in the hands of kender. Interestingly, it works on rogues as well, though no one is certain why. Basically, this unusual-looking coin has enough "magic" in its own nature that any kender will pick it up out of sheer curiosity. Once in possession, the coin begins to act. Anything found by the kender will return to the place the kender found it within 24 hours. This gives the kender time to look at and admire what is in his or her pouches while letting the original owner retain their own valuables or not-so-valuables. While I say it's cursed for kender, it is not magically so and may be dropped at any time.

Kender Coin of Slice and Dice and Chop and Julien
donated by Peregrin Lightongue

It looks like any old ordinary coin, except with blood stains and potato peels.

History: It was made by bloodthirsty monks hellbent on destroying everything in sight!!!! AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Huh? Oh anyway, I found it in a bowl of soup once, along with somebody's finger. I didn't finish the soup, but I kept the coin.

How it Works: It slices, it dices, it minces, it juliens, it fillets, and it makes fries in 19 different sizes and shapes. It just leaps from your hand when you say "Oh pooh" or something along those lines, and slices things to bits.

Magic Kender Coin of Doubleing
donated by Poppin Pouchfiller

Very shiney and unusually big steal peice with weird runes on both sides.

History: Poppin Pouchfiller received this from his uncle Tas.(Actually he got it off of a a mage that he "dropped" so Poppin picked it up and "forgot" to give it back and has supposedly been looking for the mage ever since)

How it Works: The user of this item closes his hand around the coin and concentrates on doubleing it.

Merrin's Magnificent Jumping Coin
donated by Merrin Thistleknot

It is a coin sized copper coin with no description on it.

History: How did you find it? It just appeard in my pouch one day.

How it Works: Place it on the ground, say the word (kibblible), and it expands from two inches diameter to three feet. Get a running start, jump on to it, and sail into the sky, hurtling up or out, (depending on how you land on it,) up to a mile and a half away, or 10 stories up! Of course, we didn't think about landing until we were airborne. Luckily, you bounce. Must be the magic.

Strange Coin of Being There
donated by Fizban Trapspringer

It looks like an ordinary gold piece. No special decorations or anything.

History: I dont know where it came from. It just appeared in my pouch one day after I met a mage with a pouch that never ran out of coins. How interesting

How it Works: This coin never runs out. It is always there. It's not that great though, as it is only one gold piece. If only that mage would've stayerd longer...

The Coins of Neverspent
donated by Thornn Bramblebug

a small pile of ordinary steel coins, accepted throughout Krynn. The picture on the front is a little blurry. It appears as different people, depending on where you are. The coins are shiny and appear perpetually new.

History: I, Thornn Bramblebug, made the Coins of Neverspent as a prank a while back and they've stuck with me.

How it Works: The Coins of Neverspent can be used worldwide asd currency, but as soon as they're spent they reappear in your pouch, bringing trouble with them. On numerous occasions they've landed me in jail (unjustly of course). Don't use them unless you like being called a thief. Makes a great April Fools prank.

The Kender coin of teleportation
donated by Thistleprick Bookbinder

What does it look like? It looks like a large gold coin about three feet across and has strange(elven)writing on it

History: Who made it? How did you find it? We beleive the elves made it. I didn't find it a friend of mine, Redflame Furfoot(we call her Fred), and her travel partener, Rakshaksha (the Half-elf), found it one day while fishing. Their hooks got caught and there it was!

How it Works: What does it do? How does it work? It can transport anyone(not only kender, but they have the most fun with it) anywhere they want to go, insently! It works in conjuction with the Kender dagger of activation(see weapons) and with a thought the person or people toughing the coin are teleported to the place that the holder of the dagger wanted to go.

The mystical coin of Mulhead
donated by Slate

It is round with three holes punched out in the middle, in a straight, vertical line

History: It was made in the heart of the Shoikan Grove, by a chance of fate, that happened to bump into a Kender travelling through time... Really, My uncle Throuy Thisleknot... a really interesting person, He stumbled upon this coin after a fight with 20, no 57 goblins in the plains of Mount Nevermore... err, I mean... uhhh, Waiter!? CHECK!

How it Works: It just sits at the bottom of my pouch burning a hole... Burning a hole!!!? Wait, I'll get back to you on that...

The Mystical Half Steel Piece of Immense Power
donated by Ghostbuster Lillpad

A regular half steel piece coin.At least it looks like it...

History: This great and powerful coin was given to a great Gully HighLulp, whose name would have been always remembered if it wasn't forgotton, by a human mage.The black robed mage swore on his honour that it would save the Gullys in time of need.

How it Works: It is the salvation of Gullykind! And it only cost us a few ugly stones...what's thier names? Diamonds, thats it.

The Wonderful Amazing Coin Of Listening
donated by gien (and co gien) lookaround

well, it looks like any other typical magical glowing coin of listening. but this ones special. because it... 'cause it makes people listen to you. but only when your telling a story about the coin. like one time the coin saved me from being eaten by a dragon... where was i? oh yes, it's a glowing coin, that glows different colors. it works great in dark places, because it glows and all... one time i was wandering in a dark cave that smelt really bad and i wanted to see around.. (you know, to see why it smelt) it turned out that there was some quite unhappy trolls that i awoke. i tried to explain that i didnt MAKE them sleep where i was wandering, but you know trolls. they dont listen much anyhow...

History: well. thats a long story... if you want to listen, it came from a wizard in flotsam, where i was listening to one of his story's abour how some neat glowing coin saved him from an army of knights. he said he made it to 'charm' people into listening to his stories. but his stories were interesting enough without the coin... like this one story about how he talked a turtle to sleep. now THAT story was incredible and at first i didnt believe it, what happened was... oh, oh yes well anyway i had this glowing coin too.. and i was wondering if he could tell me about it, but when i showed it too him he told me it was his and tried to turn me into a rock. but seeing as how old mages are kind of slow and he stopped running after me after a while. i cant imagine where he went...

How it Works: well first off it makes people listen to the stories you tell, when your holding it of course... (while telling a story, the holder always gets the initiative because everyone else is busy listening to you) second off it glows, it works great while looking for a light to help with those dark troll filled caves (this also means that you could litterally 'talk your way' out of almost anything, as long as you know a good story or two...

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